6 Stage Parts


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Before You Start

1. Take 5 to ensure you clear any items out of the way to ensure you have a safe, clear area to install the water filter. Ensure there is no trip hazards or anything that can create harm in the area.

2. Check you have received all the required parts to fully assemble your water filter. Please ensure all parts are complete. If any parts are missing or have been damaged in transit please do not attempt to install this water filter and alert us as soon as possible so we can assist.

Easy Installation Guide


1. Place the base onto a nice flat bench top surface to assemble the water filter.

Image 1

2. Get the standard tap (Give it a little clean before using). It comes with 2 x washers & 1 x locking nut. Place 1 x washer over the tap thread and push along the thread until the washer fits against the tap back plate.

Image 2

Then insert the thread of the tap through the hole in the bottom tank. Place the second washer over the thread on the inside of the tank and then fit the nut onto the thread and tighten it up tight. You may require a tool to tighten fully.

Image 3

3. Push the Bottom Holding Tank down into the Base

Image 4

4. Take the mineral pad out of the wrapping and rinse it around in a bucket of clean water to wash away any finely powdered minerals, then place the mineral pad into the base of the bottom tank.

Image 5

5. Get the multi-stage cartridge and rinse that around in the same bucket of water to wash off any fine particles. Then carefully screw the multi-stage cartridge into the bottom tank lid. (Be careful to ensure you do not cross thread). Tighten firm.

Image 6

6. Sit the bottom tank lid and multi-stage cartridge onto the top of the bottom tank.

Image 7

7. Take the ceramic dome cartridge and rinse it in a bucket of water. (Try not to touch the ceramic part of the cartridge with your bare hands). Use gloves or a plastic bag to hold the ceramic part of the cartridge. Remove the nut from the thread of the ceramic cartridge, leave the washer on the thread and insert the ceramic cartridge thread with washer fitted through the hole in the top tank. Turn the tank upside down and ensure the thread is in the centre of the tank hole as you fit and tighten the nut to firmly secure the ceramic cartridge into the top tank

(Note: The washer MUST be installed over the thread in the top tank).

Image 8

8. Place the top holding tank onto the bottom tank lid and it will sit into the groove provided.

Image 9

9. Place the top tank lid onto the top tank.

Image 10

Assembly Time: 20 Mins

How to Flush the Cartridges prior to first use

PLEASE NOTE: All cartridges require flushing of some description before use. Please follow these


IMPORTANT Steps below to ensure there will be no taste issues. So you will have the best tasting filtered water possible. Try not to touch the ceramic part of the cartridge.



  1. Get a bucket of clean water

  2. Rinse the Ceramic Water Filter Candle first. This will make sure that any carbon fines from the Multi-Stage Cartridge and Mineral Pad will not get into the Ceramic Water Filter Candle.

  3. Take the ceramic cartridge and swirl it around under the water to remove any fine particles, turn it upside down and allow the air out.

  4. Get the Multi-Stage Cartridge and give it a rinse. Once again swirl it around under the water, this will ensure that the fines are removed.

  5. Repeat process 4 above for the Mineral Pad



  1. Rinse the Ceramic Water Filter Candle under running tap water. This will make sure that any fines will be washed off.

  2. Get the Multi-Stage Cartridge and give it a good rinse under running tap water as well. This will ensure that the carbon fines are removed.

  3. Repeat this process with the pH Elevating Mineral Pad.


Product Care

Extended Ceramic Cartridge Life

How often you have to clean your ceramic cartridge will depend on the volume of sediments in your water supply. More sediment equals more cleaning. So if you find your ceramic cartridge getting dirty on the outside or the water flow rate slows down.

You can simply remove the ceramic cartridge from the top tank and harshly scrub it with a green Scotch Brite scour pad or some 100 grit sandpaper under a flowing tap.

Product care Product care

It is normal for the water to turn a bit white while scrubbing so rinse the ceramic cartridge well after scrubbing, once replaced the water flow rate should return to normal.

Always wash your hands before and after handling the ceramic candle. Try not to touch the ceramic part of the candle when handling it.

(Take care when handling the ceramic candle & treat it like an egg, if you drop it, it may crack)

How to Change Cartridges

1. Lift off the Top Tank and set it aside.

Image 11

2. Lift off the Bottom Tank Lid and set is aside.

Image 12

3. Remove the old Mineral pad.

Image 13

4. Clean the bottom holding tank, you can use a light dishwashing liquid or lemon juice to simply wipe it over and rinse clean.

5. After rinsing the Mineral pad in fresh clean water, simply place it into the centre of the base of the bottom tank.

Note: If you dont like the taste of the added minerals from the mineral pad you can simply remove that from the filter.

Image 13

6. Remove the multi-stage cartridge by unscrewing it from the bottom tank lid.

Image 15

7. After you rinse the multistage cartridge, turn the bottom tank lid upside down on the bench and slowly screw the new multi-stage cartridge into the thread. Tighten until firm.

Image 16

Place the bottom tank lid and cartridge connected back onto the bottom tank.

Image 17


8. Take the top holding tank and remove the nut from the base of the ceramic cartridge. Remove the old ceramic cartridge and dispose of it into the rubbish bin.

Image 18

9. Get the new ceramic candle and rinse well. Do not touch the ceramic part with bare hands, wear a plastic glove or use a plastic bag to hold it. Remove the nut, then insert the ceramic candle washer on the thread through the top tank hole. Washer must be in the top tank.

Image 19

The top tank has a large hole so centre the candle thread in the centre of the hole and secure the locking nut onto the thread firm.

Tighten nut until firm.

10. Sit the top tank onto the top of the bottom tank lid.

Image 20

Fill top tank with water and replace the lid.

Image 22

NOTE: When first using the ceramic candles they can have air inside that takes a while to get out so the candle can flow properly. A good way to do this is to fill the top tank with water and go to bed or just leave it to filter the water through over time. As the cartridges are saturated the flow rate will increase

Cartridge Replacement Time: 20 Min