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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do is just have a look at replacing the cartridge inside the My Water Filter shower filter. Okay? Chrome or white, doesn't matter. Chrome one here today. Exactly the same shape and size, alright?

So, here's the replacement cartridge, six months replacement cartridge life. So, here's our cartridge here. So, we're gonna pull this one out the bag. Bag be gone and there we have it, okay? They normally put the holes forward to start with but they can be turned around.

They are universal and they will fit each way, okay? So, this whole shower filter is gonna split in the middle, okay? No need to take the arm off. We're just gonna unscrew it and screw it straight out of here, okay? There we go. K. Here's our old cartridge. Done its life. Simple as new one.

As you can see, push it straight in. They are reversible. We'll go the other way. Can run it three months like that, change it around if you keen, give you better water, three months the other way, okay?

Basically, once you put the cartridge back in, we're just gonna screw it back up, the seals are inside here where it seals and it'll just lock back into place. There we go. Two minutes, simple as that.

Enjoy your showers. Have a good day.