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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here and what we're gonna do is just give you a look on how to change the cartridges in your Pure Spa Shower Filter, okay? As you can see, here's the little box that they come in, it's got two cartridges in it. One pushes in from either end of the shower filter.

On the back there's some instructions and few diagrams on how to insert them, but we'll give you a look here now so you can sort of see it in real life, okay? Just on the inside of the packet. See how they come, okay, these two little filters, and we just insert them from each side of the shower filter up there, okay? First thing is give yourself a little bit of room and just undo each side and we're gonna take off the two caps that hold the cartridges in.

Pretty easy cartridges to change in these. Off they'll come, you see on each side there's a flat washer in each side so it needs to go back. And you can see in the end is the cartridge and what you can do is just push on one. I'll do it this way, you just push on one end. It'll just push it enough so that the cartridge comes out the other end and you just put your finger in and push that one out, too.

Okay, as you can see these little cartridges same as in the packet and all we're gonna do with these is just push them in, push them in with the other side. Just feel it with your fingers and make sure that they're both nice and level and flush with the end. That's it, basically. Make sure our two washers are on there in a good place, it's what's gonna seal and hold the water.

Screw it up til tight and we're good to go. Thank you very much.