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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, just in the bathroom, and what we're gonna do is change the cartridge in this sprite bath ball, alright? Very simple process, but if you're interested in one and having a look and you wanna know the whole process, this is how you change the cartridge in one.

Alright, so, in the box there he is, full of all the goodies. Stop the chlorine and the horrible nasties in our water, and we're gonna insert it in the bath ball there, okay? Very easy, bath ball just comes off very easily, off of the top, there's the old one, but you lift out the old used bath ball, take the plastic wrapper off the outside of it so it's just got the cover, the screen. Put your new cartridge in, do him up.

All done, simple as that. Hang him back on, turn on the water, chlorine-free bath. Love him. Thank you very much.