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Good day, folks. Rod, from My Water Filter, here again today. And what I've got in the hand is the Sprite High Output Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge. And as you can see, we're here with the Sprite Chrome Brass High Output Shower Filter, and we're just going to show you how to put the new cartridge in, okay. So, situation with these cartridges, generally good for about one year, the Sprites.

If you have a look on each end, what you can do with these, they've got the screen on them for the sediment, et cetera, is you can, to make them last longer and work to their optimum, is you can take them out every month and reverse them, and just change them over, okay. And, it will make them work better and last longer, okay. So what we'll do here, is just show you how we're going to pull this apart, and basically, the filter itself breaks in half, okay.

So, we're just going to screw it and undo it, okay. Just take your time and go steady, steady, gentle, gentle. It's only going to take a couple of minutes. Here's the old one here. And here's the new original Sprite Replacement Filter here. Basically you can have a look inside, just make sure that the rubber's still sitting nice and flush, nice and sitting in place. You'll fit the new replacement in, have a look in that end as well, make sure that the black o-ring's sitting in place and everybody's happy, which it is, and we're just going to screw it back on. Tighten him up.

Pretty tight. Make sure he's happy. It's about as simple as it is, very easy to change. Enjoy.