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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and I'd like to introduce you to the Clearly Filtered jug. Okay, now I'm excited. This jug and the test results we honestly believe we've found the best water filtration jug in the world. And I'm gonna take a second to read through some of the contamination results anyway, because there's a massive list of them, okay. But it really is worth the time to have a quick chat on it right. So some of the nasties that we don't like here in this country in Australia obviously is the fluoride. So fluoride 98% removal rate, lead, arsenic, 99.5, 99.6 removal rate. Chromium-6, 99.9. Pharmaceuticals, hormones, trihalomethanes, herbicides, pesticides, bacteria and cysts, chlorine, mercury, BPA, benzine, everything's 99.9%, okay. You just don't find those results from cheap water filters, or water filter jugs even, okay. It really is a standout on it's own, okay. Even the way that they do the box up they're just so proud of what they can achieve.

Pharmaceuticals, herbicides, fluoride, mercury, chlorine, this thing is getting all those nasties out that we don't wanna be consuming, okay. Make great tasting water, which is no surprise when you've got that many contaminations being taken out of the water that you're about to drink. And that's why it's gonna be so tasty the water, okay. So very credible company, family orientated company. We're bringing these over from America, and I honestly believe they're second to none. All right, I also believe that we need to take care of ourselves a little more when it comes to the water flowing out of our taps in our country now. Unfortunately the water in this country is not the water it was 30 years ago and it's deteriorated dramatically. And it does contain a lot of chemicals nowadays the government needs to put it in the water to get it to your homes but you don't have to drink it. You can get a product like this and you can get all of those nasties out. And the test results on this thing are just unreal, okay. Not only is the cartridge good in the sense that it's removing those nasties out of the water, but it's got a really good lifespan of up to three months as well, okay. And you won't find that often as well, okay. So we'll open him up and have a look at him.

There's nothing fancy, it's quite plain looking jug. But as I said before it is basically second to none this thing, okay. So I'll open him up and it's got some documentation and information that comes here, with the jug. And there's the setup and instructions, so it's all here for ya. It does tell you on here how to take care of the cartridge and give it a flush before you start. And as you can tell quality cartridge so it does require a little flush before you start, okay. And that's the same with any quality cartridge, anything that's any good is gonna take a little flush before you start to use it, okay. It's got a lifetime warranty with it, so that's something to look forward to. And here is the real test result for this filter, okay. And I haven't even counted 'em, but you can see 'em all on there. This is a serious, serious filter, and this bit of paper isn't just something that I wrote up last night, okay, it's a product tested by Envirotech Laboratories. And they certainly are a very credible testing company, okay. It's gravity fed obviously, we fill the top of the...

Fill the top of the jug up with water and it's a gravity, so it's gonna gravity down through the cartridge in the bottom. It's got about a 378 liter life, life expectancy, okay. Temperatures good for the water et cetera. Chlorine 99.9, chloramine 99.9. Now I just wanna press on this for a minute for you folks because a lot of people just aren't aware of this okay. So in Australia over the years the government throws chlorine into our water, the reason they do that is 'cause they're gonna pump that water a long way and to get it to your home and you to be able to drink it on the other side there can't be any bugs in it or you'd be getting violently ill, so they add the chlorine. Nowadays populations grown, they've gotta pump the water a lot longer, a lot further down the pipes. So nowadays especially Victoria, Sydney, New South Wales, and up in Queensland, you're gonna be trying to get chloramine out of your water. Not just chlorine, there is chlorine in chloramine but chloramine is an animal of it's own.

And we've gotta be paying special attention to get it out or else you're drinking it or the byproducts of it, okay. And this quality jug is taken that chloramine out 99.9% all right. So don't get me wrong, I wouldn't knock any of the other companies or their jugs et cetera. But if you're on chloramine water do be aware of what you are filtering your water with because you will not be getting it out with a normal old carbon cartridge, or just a normal basic jug, okay. So that's the benefits of this one, but also the fluoride all right. There's fluoride removal here, 98.2%. So even a reverse osmosis water filter's battlin' to get all of the fluoride out to that degree, all right. So it just shows ya these guys have really nailed it.

They have spent a lot of time creating this system and the originals ones that they had weren't as good and they weren't satisfied with that so they battled on and battled on, They got Gen 2 cartridges nowadays and they're just second to none, all right. So please do if your looking for something that's decent this clearly filtered jug is really up there with the best. Or it is the best okay, I don't think you're gonna find any jug around that's doing what this jug's doing and that is tested and that it does work, all right. Very simple, top's just gonna lift off the top of it, there's our cartridge inside, okay. I'll open that cartridge up and we will put him in there and have a look on how that goes in, okay.

So just pull the top off, this over there, All right, it just screws in from underneath. All nicely sealed up, padded and protected with bubble wrap on the inside. There just a class act this company, they really are. And there's nothing better than dealing with a good company, we're bringing these over from America and I'm not gonna do it for you here now, but there is a flushing process when you install these cartridges so please do have a look at the little booklet. And it will just show you the steps involved there to give it a quick flush, all right. And here's the other cart main part of the cartridge here.

As you can see it's very well presented, just an absolute beautiful thing, okay. So what we've gotta do is we remove the we've got a washer there obviously. We remove this blue sticker off the top, and we pull him off that exposes the internal inside there, so you can see there's gauze across there and that's where the waters gonna penetrate through, okay. And obviously the washer's gonna sit in the top, but all that baby's gonna do is simply screw straight on the bottom there, all right. You can tell this is a quality, because it screws on and it's locking on there. It's locking on, not just a push in the top and hoping for the best to seal. There's a good washer inside there, it's sealing up on that bottom lip and that baby's locked in there and it's solid as a rock, okay. Basically just getting hold of that, once we've flushed it and done what we wanna do with that cartridge and we sit him back in, sitting in place there.

Then we'll basically get that jug under the tap, water on, fill it right up. And then we just nicely gently sit our top cap on, okay. And there she is the Clearly Filtered jug, all right. It's an absolute beauty. And I'm really looking forward to our customers getting in a using this one, okay. Have a look on the site, have a look down below, there's a lot of information on this page about this product. There'll be some information and videos on the company et cetera. As I say we really stand by the boys there at Clearly Filtered, they're doing a great job. And they do care about what people are drinking and including they want to have the best water for their own families as well, okay.

So if you're looking for the best, if you're living in the large capital cities of Australia nowadays, you don't want to go and get a massive reverse osmosis system or a big filter or something like that but you wanna take care of yourself and you seriously wanna have good water which is what we all need, I'd be taking a look at this, okay. Might be cheaper, might be easier to use, all of those things in an under sink water filter or water filter. Obviously it's not gonna make as much water as free flowing filter but the quality that this thing makes is gonna be second to none and it will take care of ya, okay. So if you want more than beautiful tasting water let's just talk about Clearly Filtered and have a look around give us a call if we can help you in any way, but this is my choice folks, this is second to none. Thanks very much.