[VIDEO] Clearly Filtered Jug and Grander Revitalising Board - Product Spotlight

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Grander Revitalising Board


G'day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what I'd like to introduce to you is an amazing combination to two of the best products I've ever seen, okay? And this is a combination of the best possible water filter jug in the world today, and a product to restructure and revitalize the water. So water goes through a process when it is delivered to your home. So government gets your water, throws in copious amounts of chemicals, so when they pump it to your home, you're not gonna get sick from bugs when it gets there. But the chemicals could be quite possibly just as bad. And you wanna remove those chemicals from the water, one, because it'll taste terrible without it, and two, because it just is not healthy for you. Now this jug will do it.

A lot of people'll go for a big water filter et cetera, but after you filter water from a water filter, you have to know if it's getting the contamination out. So if get a great big water filter, and it's a cheapy and you don't even know what it's doin', it's no comparison to a jug of this quality. This jug is tested over and over again, it's got an amazing list of contaminants that it can remove, and I'm also talkin' about the real nasty spokes like the fluoride, the chlorine an the chloramines. Chloramines on the East Coast are a big thing nowadays, they're not using as much chlorine, they're using a mixture which is chlorine and ammonia to make chloramine. So the old style water filter, carbon water filter, he just ain't takin' those nasties outta the water like it used to. But it gets even better than that.

Pharmaceuticals, hormones, you name it, fire retardants, this filter, herbicides, pesticides, it's takin 'em all out. Then, once you get the amazing filtration from this clearly filtered jug, then you can put it onto the GRANDER board and we will revitalize and restructure that water. Because as I said, the governments gonna throw those chemicals in, and when they do, it unstructures the water. The water's alive, the water doesn't like the chemicals. All the molecules, they lock up together, it's called clustering, and then it gets pumped to your home. So basically outta your tap at home, you've got a glass of water lacking oxygen, full of chemical, and all the molecules are all locked and tangled together so you drink the water and your body just can't absorb it 'cause the molecular structure's too large. It's a massive problem, hardly anybody even knows about this. So the structure of water, it's even more important than the filtration. You can go to YouTube.

You can have a look at Dr. McCullough, and Professor Paul Lecht talking about these issues. Human beings not only require filtered water, but they require structured water for optimum health. And this here is a good affordable combination of how to get that water that you require. So a good jug like this with good test results, getting all the contamination out, and then we put it on the GRANDER board. Grander board's no different to all the GRANDER products. It's emitting a signal. It's a frequency, a vibration. Just by sitting here next to this board, the vibration's coming out of the board, and it's going through this water. This board will treat three liters every 40 minutes. So you just sit your jug on the GRANDER board, it'll be filtered, the restructuring process will take place, and you come and drink the water outta this jug, and you'll be amazed at how good it tastes, especially after the restructuring process.

So have a look at the information we've got on this site for ya, we're really trying to bring structured water to this country, because everyone's consuming unstructured water. So structured water, more oxygen, finer water, all the molecular structures more aligned, positive and negative charge working at its optimum, just a magnificent thing for the human body, amazing for the bacteria in your belly. So have a look at it, highly recommend it, and I'd much prefer somebody just bought a jug and a board rather than a big reverse osmosis system, rather than a big triple water filter. This here will do it for you. So take a look, if we can help in any way, yell out, jump on the phone, whatever it might be. Always love to hear from you at My Water Filter. And good luck, thank you very much.