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Good day folks Rod from My Water Filter here today, I'd like to share with you our Reverse Osmosis Water Filter category page. Reverse osmosis systems are considered the king of the water filtration range because they are the safest bet for removing the maximum contamination from your water. Here we will help you to create the best water you can with the reverse osmosis water filter. Reverse osmosis under sink water filter is a great for homeowners, real estate investors and business owners and they usually brought to save space on the bench and have the water filter system out of sight. Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Systems are great for students renters, and anyone who needs a portable and affordable reverse osmosis system that doesn't want to instaLl a permanent system under the sink. If you're new to water filtration, and you're drinking tap water or bottled water, you're in for a treat. Because if you decide to get a reverse osmosis water filter, your drinking water is goinnataste a lot better, and you'll save hundreds of dollars a year.

If you're on rainwater, we don't recommend reverse osmosis because of the wastewater component. If you're on rainwater, head over to the rain water page and check out the options there. Finally, if you are here, because you are looking to remove fluoride out of your water, you're in the right place. All under sink systems require installation by a competent person to connect it to the plumbing under your sink and it shouldn't take more than an hour or so to instalL for the under sink systems, housing quality and plumbing parts are important because under sink systems are always under pressure. There are a lot of cheapies out there. So we generally go for time tested rock solid products with complete undersea installation kits. So you have the peace of mind that your water filter won't leak or blow up under pressure.

The biggest things to consider when purchasing an RO system are the test results, where you're going to install it, the pH level and the cost. The main goal for water filtration is to create safe and clean water that everybody enjoys drinking. Reverse osmosis is the safest bet for maximum contamination removal. The first three stages are generally for filtering all of the contaminants from the water. It is usually in the order of sediment, carbon, and then the reverse osmosis membrane. The sediment protects the reverse osmosis membrane from lumps and bumps dirt in the water, and the carbon protects the membrane from chlorine and its byproducts. Then as the water is pushed through the reverse osmosis membrane, the water is filtered right down to around 0.0001 or 0.0005 microns, removing almost everything from the water, including the mineral. This is why it is the safest bet for maximum contamination removal.

After the first three stages of filtration, the pH of the water is normally down to about six PH. Now on the page below, you're gonna find different systems that treat the water differently after the reverse osmosis membrane filtration and the result is different minerals will be added to achieve different pH levels. This is to elevate the pH back to seven or above depending on what level of pH you prefer. If you want acidic water, under seven pH go through the four stage reverse osmosis system with a carbon cartridge for under the sink or the MWF RO400 for on top of the bench. If you want low alkaline water above seven pH we recommend the Aquasana RO or the HPF four stage for under the sink.

The Aquasana RO is USA manufactured, NSF certified and tested with third party test results and creates beautiful tasting low alkaline water. If you want high alkaline water we recommend the HPF five stage or seven stage reverse osmosis water filter systems. For under the sink or either of the MWF RO400 with alkaline for on the benchtop. Because RO water is filtered down to such a fine micron, it is slowed down very slow right down to around 200 mils per minute. Because this form of filtration is so slow. If you go for a benchtop reverse osmosis system, you will require a container to fill to store your water to decant off lighter as you require it. Benchtop RO systems can be installed anywhere there is a faucet, like the kitchen, laundry and even outside. The under sink RO systems have a storage tank with them to store the filtered water. The most common reversed osmosis tank size is around 12 liters and the tank ensures there is always water stored ready to use at any time. Finally, if you wanna create the best water you can, then we feel it is our duty to share with you structured water.

If you're just getting started in water filtration now, we recommend you get yourself a water filter first and then revisit structured water later. But if you aren't the best, then check out the structured filtered water category now we have put some packages together, with structured water devices that are ready to go out of the box. So take a look below at all the range of reverse osmosis water filtration systems. See what type would be suitable for you. If you have any questions or we can assist you in any way, please let us know and thank you.