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Hey folks, rod from My Water Filter here. What we're gonna have a look at now is how to change the cartridge in one of these magnificent little Doulton stainless steel benchtop ceramic water filters, okay? You would've heard me talk about it before; I think the world of those things. They're a best seller, and ... They produce fantastic water, okay? So, little bit of water's probably gonna run out of this thing here, so I'll just undo him. There we go. Okay. And now we have it. Pretty much. This is our ceramic cartridge, and we wanna change it. And we wanna put our new one on. Simple as ... just unscrew him ... Okay, not too bothered about it. There's our old one. We toss him away. Okay, come along. Brand new one here, out the box. Hey, I'm not gonna ruin this one because it's brand new. I'm too tight. So what we're gonna do is put this one back in. Same, same. Thread on the bottom. Thread inside.

On we go. Too reasonable on strength; takes a few turns, but pretty simple stuff. Once again, don't over-tighten it; plastic into steel. But you do want it firm. You don't want it leaking around the base. So there he is. Nice and tight. Silver inside the ceramic stops any bacteria. It'll stop the bacteria on my hands. You could wear a nice pair of gloves if you have some.

Once again, you just have a look; make sure your thread's nice and clean. Make sure there's no muck or anything around the bottom. Just make sure it's reasonably clean before you put it back together. Top's on. Screwing on. Screws down to the washer. Once again, reasonably tight, that they seal up pretty good. There we have it. Okay. Turn the tap on. There we go. Beautiful. Few bubbles to start with. Just let it run for a minute. What I'd really like to do folks, is when we first put the new cartridge in, just let it run for a couple minutes, okay? You'll see the bubbles coming out. Because it's got a ceramic header, you don't really see any carbon or anything like that. It's all sealed up and just far too neat and clean for that. Turn him on and just make sure that you don't have any fine carbons or anything coming out of your water to start with. But after a little bit of a flush, you're ready to go. And you'll get another 12 months of magnificent water out of that. So keep your cartridges changed. It is worth putting the new cartridge in, especially in scale water. The chlorine does block up the carbons up for awhile. So keep 'em changed. Stay healthy. Enjoy fresh water. It's all good for ya. Thank you very much.