Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. What I wanna share with you today, is a personal story from myself. Last Saturday, one week ago, I came to this shower and I installed the EcoSoft Shower Water Conditioner. The reason I did that, was to show our customers, how easy it is to install it in the shower. I then decided to leave it on here and we'll give it a try and I gotta tell you, I'm amazed, absolutely amazed. Truth from my heart folks. Up until one week ago, for the last three years here in Boston West Australia, where we live, chlorine's been in our drain water.

I had the sorest red ears all the time, I'm just constantly scratching. The middle of my back where the water hits, it's itchy, my scalp, dandruff, flaky, sore. My eyes, I cannot remember the last time I had to shower where I haven't been rubbing my eyes and get out of the shower and I've just got really red sore eyes, happens every single night. Until last Saturday, we installed this EcoSoft Shower Water Conditioner. I came back that night, not expecting any difference, turned the water on, I can hear it, straight away, the water coming out of the shower head, it was softer.

I come from a farm in the early days, I know what rain water's like and how beautiful and soft it is to wash and clean with. My shower's like that, in we go, we have a shower, there's no chlorine smell, there's no itchy head. Put my face up in the water, wipe my eyes, just like fresh water, it's just no effect. This thing here, has stopped the chlorine issues in our water here. It is just an amazing little device, I can't believe it. So I'll tell ya, over the next few days, so Saturday night, that was the first shower. The next two days, Sunday, Monday, I just couldn't believe the quality of the water and how it changed.

It was on Wednesday night, folks. I'm having a shower and I found myself rubbing my ears and washing my neck and scrubbing and it was at that point, that I realized, I haven't washed and scrubbed this part of my body for years because it's just been so sore. So I'm giving it a scrub and that was a Wednesday. Thursday night, I've even started washing my hair and I can actually feel my scalp and give the hair a brush and all the bits of dandruff and stuff, float down, it's all started to go away. And I can scrub my hair and it's not sore and sorry every night.

I'm having a shower on Friday, last night, you're standing up on the shower, the water falling down on me and I'm standing up just having beautiful water pour down on you. Just conditioned water, it's just absolutely amazing and I decided to share it with you because that is the honest truth on how this thing works. So, I know that we've had people come to our site every day for chlorine issues, kids with eczema and itchy children, and all this sort of stuff, I tell you not, hard water, soft water, this thing here is just gold, it is an absolute winner. So, I hope you believe me on it, it's not a sales pitch.

It's from my heart, I'll never tell you to buy it if it was no good, but, do yourself a favor, I've every single night, looked forward to a shower. I don't care where you live, this thing is gold. Happy days folks, good luck, bye.