how to flush fluoride cartidges

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Good Day folks Rod from My Water Filter here today!  


What we're going to do is just show you what to do when your fluoride removal cartridge arrives.  

Doesn't matter if it's a twin ULTRAPURE with fluoride removal, triple ULTRAPURE with fluoride removal.  


What we like to do is give the fluoride cartridge a flush for about 10 minutes, just to flush any fines out of it and a taste out of it and then you're good to go for the whole life of the cartridge.  


So pretty simple first thing connect the diverter onto the kitchen tap spout so we've got some water flowing ok. Screwing straight on there.


Make sure there's a black washer inside seal it up. Now what we do, step one, loosen the housing.  


Now what happens here here's the white pipe coming from the diverter water comes through this is position one has the fluoride cartridge in it.  


We run the water through the fluoride cartridge first and remove the fluoride, then the water flows through comes into the ULTRAPURE cartridge.


Blocks any fines, blocks any taste, removes the contaminants from the water, magnificent cartridge ok.  


But what we want to do in transit you never know what could happen and if the water filter can get damaged or thrown around.  


So as soon as it arrives, remove the top housing, take out the ceramic cartridge. Now what we do we get a good grip on either end give it a twist we got to treat it like an egg.


If you drop this  it will break or crack ok. And it's all about ULTRAPURE water for people, your health.  


So what we want to do is cast our eyes up and down the ceramic cartridge. Make sure there's no cracks in it, make sure it's good solid ready to go.  


This one's in good condition it's made a journey. I'm gonna put it right out the way Where we can't knock it or bump it all right.  


Now what we're going to do is put the cartridge housing back onto the filter and tighten them up.  

There we go. Fluoride cartridge in here. Here's a fluoride cartridge here.  


This is how it looks and what you'll find on one side is it says this end up. These cartridges are made for under the sink and the benchtop. This end up is for under sink model. And that's how they go this end up.  


On the benchtop, the systems around the other way. So the housing's on the bottom. So when you put the fluoride cartridge into your system make sure you turn it upside down and put this end up down into the head ok.   


This cartridge is already inside ready to go, and we're going to give it a flush now.

As simple as it is gently on with the water, on with the diverter, take a little minute for the filter to fill up and then the water will pour out.  


You can get a jug or a bucket or anything you want and save this water ok. It doesn't have to just go down the sink. So save this water! Put it on the plants, put on the pot plants, whatever you like.  


But basically we're gonna turn it on we want to flush it for 10 minutes, and give that fluoride cartridge a really good flush out and make it ULTRAPURE taste for the life of the cartridge ok.  


So that's all we do is just turn it on, we run it for 10 minutes. When the time's up, we'll turn him off, water's gonna run out.  


We'll simply get the housing tool, and we're gonna remove the same housing off again. Going to find it's full of water. Take the water out quickly. Sit the ULTRAPURE cartridge on. Just a quick little tip.  


On these, there's only one hole in one end, the other end is sealed. The hole down, once again into the housing. It says this way up, because it's a benchtop, this way up goes down.  


Careful you don't knock it over, it will crack treat it like an egg. On with the housing screw him up, tighten him up, you're ready to go. Pure water in your own home. Just a magnificent thing.

Thank you!