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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter today And what we're going to do today is have a look at the Goldcarb Whole-House Water Filter. And as you can see, this thing's a monster. No wonder it works so well, it's just got so much media inside of it. So a quick breakdown; sediment filter first, the water's coming in and it's got lumps and bumps and dirt in it we want to clean it out and we want to deliver the water through the media inside this filter as clean as we can.

We don't want to fill it up with any garbage, it's taking enough muck out of the water now. So this here, is a 20 inch high, by 2.5 inch diameter sediment filter, it comes with a string-wound sediment filter inside of it ready to go when you purchase, and basically, the plumber is gonna get that, he's gonna cut the pipe on the wall, he's gonna run the water in one side, and out the other, whether it's left to right right to left whatever, won't matter the water will go in, fill up the housing, the water will penetrate through the cartridge to the center core remove all the sediment the water will flow out the top, and we've got good clean water flowing out with no lumps and bumps in it. So that's Stage One, and a couple of parts there to mount it with.

Once the water comes out of there, it's gonna flow into the Goldcarb. Once again, it has an in and an out, but we just spin it around for whatever direction we need the water to flow. Now, as you can see, this thing's huge. And it's about 40 kilos. Just to give you an idea, a normal whole-house water filter you'll see a twin and a triple Big Blue's on our website, well, a carbon cartridge in there weighs about 2.3 kilos. We try and promote triple, so customers have got two cartridges in there. So what happens is, chlorine and chemicals removed from the water, with contact time with the media so contact time with the carbon inside the filter.

So if you've only got a little filter, the water whistles through it into the whole house speed, 20, 30, 40 liters a minute. It's taken hardly anything out. And you get two cartridges in a row, and you're starting to have a win. You get something like this and that's why this thing makes such nice water there's just so much media in it. And it really will remove the chlorine and kinda polish the water up before it comes out and enters the home. Honest truth, people write in about this thing. and just tell us how great it is and that the water's beautiful et cetera and et cetera, okay.

Especially people that have baths and stuff like that they might have said that they haven't had baths for years, they've connected the Goldcarb up and all of a sudden the strawberries and champagne is flowing because everybody's as happy as Larry. The bath's got no chlorine smell and we've just got beautiful water. So it's a winner in that aspect. Okay.

The company that builds this machine they have some big claims on it flouride removal heavy metal removal, et cetera, but unfortunately it doesn't come with a certified test result. Here at My Water Filter, we're really about delivering the truth to the people. If something works, test results, beautiful, lets go with it. If it doesn't work, if it's untested, then we've got to be a little bit careful. Okay, cause we're just dreaming. So the facts are, that this is full of six different types of medias. and different carbons, I should say,

And those carbons are taking all the garbage out of the water. And it does work. The flouride and heavy metal, I'm not pushing it too much for that but what you can do, if they are issues to you and you can't find any filter around suitable I know that there's no fluoride removal filters around at the moment we're trying to get them from overseas at the moment, et cetera, but they're just non-existent, there's just issues with removing fluoride from water, and it's basically from the speed that the water's traveling versus the media that we use to remove it.

But if you just what to get the chlorine and the chemical out of your water on your home, and have beautiful water you can put the big Goldcarb on. I don't actually know the life of this thing here, and it's gonna be dependent on the water usage in your home and the volume of chlorine in it. But I wouldn't be surprised if this thing would go five or 10 years for people.The Aquasana's are like that and this thing is just even bigger.

So if you're looking for a big filter to really polish up the water and get good water in your house then this fella here might be for you. It's a big system so when you go to change them later on just be aware that the plumber or whoever of a lot of you've got the skills yourself you're gonna have to pull the cap off and pull the silver outer casing off and slide the new one into place then put those back on the top and connect it up again. That's about the sum of it. But, they are a beauty they are big and they do work. Good luck.

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