HPF 20" x 4.5" Single Stage Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System - Product Spotlight [VIDEO]

Good day folks. Rod Archdall from My Water Filter here today. And what we're going to have a look at is the HPF, the High Performance Filtration, 20 inch by 4.5 inch, whole house, big blue water filter. It is a beauty, it is a Taiwan brand, but it's created and assembled here in Australia. It has the HPF range of cartridges available with it.

What you’re Getting

It's a complete system, the 20 inch filter comes with the bracket, mounts it to the wall, and then the filter is basically in place, ready to go. There is the choice of a stainless steel upgrade. You can also put a single gauge in the top of this to show the water pressure, but if you don’t need the gauge, there's a nice little plug there that comes with it. It screws in the top just to seal it up and make the water flow. The housing tool is strong and slides up from underneath when we're taking the housing off to change your cartridges. It has the few do's and don'ts and instructions that come with it in installing the plug, and we have the warranty, installation, instructions here. And that all comes in the box with the system ready to go.

Single Big Blue System 1

Now it's only a single. So there are different reasons why you use different sorts of water filters. But this one here is only a single, and so it's only taken one cartridge. So the reasons that a lot of people would use this is to stop sediment in the water. Especially rainwater, borehole water coming into a home, you might want to get all of that debris and all of that muck out of the water.

Sediment Cartridge

Single Big Blue System 3

This is a pleated cartridge, five microns. It's got a very high holding capacity for the sediment, and they are reasonably washable. So if it's heavy sediment, grass, leaf, metal is broken down, things like that, you can simply take this cartridge out and rinse it, hose it down gently and put it back. And I can just tell you that for a fact, dealing with so many customers across the country, and sometimes we see cartridges, these sediment cartridges that are just got mud on the top of them, they're not white anymore, they're just brown through the centre core after a year. There’s a lot of sediment in our city water nowadays. Many people like to get it out, and if it's only the sediment that you're trying to get out, this would be a good one, the Poly Spun Cartridge for the city water. So that's the sediment side of it. Lumps and bumps out the water, and this is ideal for that.

Carbon Cartridge

Silver Impregnated Carbon Block

Polish up your rainwater, make it tasty and odourless. Go for one of these 20 microns, low pressure drop cartridges. You can put this in. No worries for government water, carbon will remove the chlorine out or rainwater tanks. Being bacteriostatic the silver impregnation stops any bacteria breeding within the cartridges. So they are suitable cartridges because they'll stop that.

Chlorinated Water

If you just want to get some chlorine out of the water, then this chlorine cartridge here will be great for that. Five micron carbon block, and that'll take care of herbicides, pesticides in the water as well. Then we can roll along with the lead removal cartridge. Similar to the carbon cartridges, but it's treated to take heavy metals and lead or reduce heavy metals and lead out of the water. If you got a bit of an issue with lead pipes, things like that, and you want to be safe, you can jump onto the lead reduction cartridges.

Optimally setting up your Cartridges


We want to have specialised chloramine cartridges. The situation with some of these specialty cartridges, they're down to 0.5 microns. So if you're going to put a 0.5 micron cartridge into a single, it'll work. It's going to work, and it could work for extended periods. But not knowing how much sediment is in your water, I would be far happier if customers went with two of these systems. So we got a twin in the first housing, the twin we'd put a plated or a Poly Spun sediment to trap the dirt, and in the second housing, you could put any one of these cartridges. Don't get me wrong, people use them, and these cartridges will go in this system, and they will work, but they're trapping the sediment as well. In the city, you might have too much sediment. You might get away with it, no worries at all. But just be aware that it's always best to have a twin and trap the sediment before the other. But on a haul, the HPF range, it is a quality product, these housings are used in a lot of areas besides just HPF, so they've been around for years, and they're proven, so I'm pretty confident and delighted for people to be using them then don't seem to have any issues.

Great selection of cartridges, dropdown boxes up at the top, just to have a look, fit something that fits your usage, then go for your life. If we can help in any way, give us a ring, and we'd be happy to help you out as best we can. Good luck.