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Hi there, in this video you'll find out what tools you require to set up your under sink water filter. - [Rod] G'day folks, Rod here from My Water Filter. I'm just giving you a quick look at the tools that you're gonna require to fit an under sink water filter system yourself, okay? Pretty much you've got the drill there, half inch bit, that's what we'll drill through the top of the stainless steel sink with, couple little crescents there, the larger one if you've got a dishwasher tap and you need to undo the dishwasher tap which carry a similar size to an outdoor garden tap. Then we've got a little knife there. That's just to cut our pipe with. And some thread tape just to wrap it around the thread cause we're screwing them together, and then a little crescent just to nip everything up. But you don't need much and you don't have to be Einstein to put one together, so get confident and have a go. Thank you.