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Good day folks. Rod for My Water Filter here today. And here we are troubleshooting, all right? So what's happened, customer has got their new water filter, super excited, very happy, come along and installed it, turned it on and no water's coming out. So, obviously disappointed, doesn't think it doesn't work, thinks this is the end of the world. It really isn't, it's just been over-tightened, ok? Sounds simple and it is.

So let's just have a quick look at it. So, I'm gonna take it off so you can have a look right back at the start, okay? And probably gonna show it a bit. I don't need to pull it off here. I'm gonna take it straight off the wall because I know here the problem is. So I'm just gonna unscrew this straight off the wall, okay? Okay.

Now they're very simple, all right? And this is where the problem is. When this was installed, it was turned on too many times and it was over-tightened and the face of this threaded part here coming out of the wall, the half-inch BSP, is compressing the little washer inside this shower filter and when it squashes it or flattens it out, it also squashes and it constricts the inside hole and it squashes the inside hole and the water just can't get through. So there's two ways to go about it. You either put it on and don't tighten it as much with the washer in there and it should seal up.

If it's not sealing for you and you're not getting the water flow through it, get a little bit of wire and hook that rubber out and just have no rubber in there. Let the water just flow, roll straight through that thing and then put extra thread tape. They're a good coarse thread, half-inch BSP. Wrap plenty of thread tape around it so you know you're gonna get a good seal and then we're just gonna screw it back on, okay? Just simple as that. So, whether this washer is in or out, you just put it on and we're just gonna screw that baby back on nice and gently. Make sure the thread's in.

But we're not gonna over-tighten it, all right? You'll know when it's starting to tighten up and we're good to go. I can feel it's tightening up and it's about where we want to be. So if it squashes that rubber, just pull the rubber out. Put plenty of thread tape, put it back on, and you should be good to go.