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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And just going to do a quick note on installing the Limetron or the HomeEdge or the Grander device with the Goldcarb whole-house water filter, okay. So we'll just quickly run through this and you might want to show this to your plumber or the installer or whoever's going to be installing this water filter on the home, alright. So, basically, water is coming into your home and if you're just installing the Goldcarb it's just going to consist of these parts, okay. Here's the bracket, bracket gets screwed onto the wall.

There's a couple of bolts on the top and that's just going to bolt onto that bracket and that will be locked on the top and there's your bracket to fix it onto the wall, okay. It does have a-- just spins off the bottom and then the housing will come away from the top and you'll see the cartridge inside. There's a two point five by 20 inch string wound sediment cartridge inside of here. And that's just to take the lumps and bumps and dirt out of the water and stop the dirt filling up inside the Goldcarb, okay.

So today, the direction of flow is coming from this side of the screen, your left, and we're flowing from left to right, it's the normal way. There's arrows on the top of the pre-filter showing you the direction of flow and it must be put on the right way, okay. After that arrow, on either end, you've got the inlets and outlets. Let's pull this plug out so you can have a look. But it's just basically three-quarter VSP thread. Very common in Australia as you would know and it's what you'd expect to use, okay. So that's the sediment cartridge. Water comes in through the sediment cartridge and the jobs right, okay. From there, the water's going to flow straight into the Goldcarb here.

Once again, it's got a three-quarter on the top here where the thread plug is. We've got a three-quarter inch hole in the top, has a nipple on it, we connect the water pipe to it. So basically the water's coming in, the plumber's just got to bring the water in, plumb it through the sediment in here, the water will go down through the system, the systems going to do everything you want, the water will come back up through the system and out the other side.

On the top of here it has an in and an out so it's not hard, it's just the direction of the water's got to be plumbed in, okay. In through the sediment, in through the Goldcarb, out into the home. Beautiful water. Alright. If you've got chlorine, chemical issues, whatever it might be that's going to solve them. If you've stepped up from there and you have hard water problems in your area, you might've gone for the Limetron, okay. And what you can do with the Limetron is you can put that on first, okay. Now I don't mind if you install the pre-filter and then the Limetron, no problem. As long as you get the direction of flow correct, we're good to go. If not, the Limetron can go on this side of the pre-filter as well, okay. But probably makes a bit of sense that the pre-filter first, stop any garbage getting trapped inside your Limetron, but definitely put the Limetron before the Goldcarb, okay. And it's an in-line system, it just connects into the water pipe and the water just flows through this just the same as it flows through the other devices, okay. It's got three-quarter inch connections on each end. That's what you'll need to be compatible with the rest of the system here, okay.

The inside of this pipe is 16 millimeters. The inside of normal three-quarter inch pipe in Australia is 17 millimeters, there's only one millimeter difference. It won't stop the water flow, it won't create any issues with pressure, anything. We've been selling them in this country over two years so they're good to go on half inch, three-quarter inch ends perfect for the Australian home. Never had one come back yet, okay. Then, if you want to take it up one more level, or you might not have gone for the Limetron, you might want to just use the HomeEdge. You might just want to break the water up and create finer water and create energized water in the home. Or you might be using both together, okay. Let's say to start with, you're just going to use the HomeEdge. I would treat it exactly the same as we treated the Limetron.

We'd have the water coming in, water can go through the pre-filter, take all the lumps and bumps here. Then run it through the HomeEdge to open up the molecular structure. Open up the garbage trap inside the molecules so that this filter here can take out as much contamination as possible, okay. So if it was just the HomeEdge, that's how I'd configure it. Sediment, HomeEdge, and into the big device there, okay. Now if we're going to use both, so and this is what I'd advise in a hard water area, so-- look the honest truth, our water gets so much chemicals thrown in it it's a shame. Okay, so you need to do everything you can to bring it back and to create the best water you can. This machine makes great water, no doubt about it. So if you've got the hard water, let's run it in, we can run it through the sediment, run it through the Limetron.

We'll break up and treat the mineral in the water, then we run it down through the Goldcarb system and then out the other side through the HomeEdge and then into the home, okay. Sediment, through the Limetron, through the big Goldcarb, fire it up on the other side once it's been filtered and then we put beautiful, revitalized water back into your home. Okay. Now there's just one more device that I would think would be beneficial, okay. And this is the best of the lot. There is nothing better than this. This Grander, you'll often hear me talk about it. It's literally changed my life and my health there's no ifs or buts about that. So, what we would do if we had the Grander on, we would run the water in, same story, through the sediment filter and we'll clean it up. We'll get all the lumps and bumps out of it and we'll clean it right up, okay.

And then we'll probably run it through the HomeEdge-- through the Goldcarb here sorry, you run it through the Goldcarb and then we have the Grander on this side of the Goldcarb and basically what we're going to do is flow it into the home then. And that's to give us the softest water. Truth is, this Grander device is so good, you mount it here, right? It's actually sending a signal back through this water filter, alright. That's how amazing it is.

The signal from this device is going all through the pipes in your home. The same as electricity does, okay. So it works on a signal, a frequency, a vibration, so no matter where you connect it up. Although we do advise it to be just here after the filter, the signal is going through all your pipe structure work throughout the whole home. It's treating the mineral, so it'll be going all the way back through here, back out to the front water meter. And when you turn the water on obviously it's flowing through pretty quick, but the signal that flows out of this system is very, very fast and the water's being treated even throughout the whole network of the home water system at all times, okay. So this is the best, I'm not saying it's cheap, but these Grander devices are life changing. So if you do connect one up, that's the go. Sediment, and then the big Goldcarb, and then we'll put the whole house Grander device on the other side of the Goldcarb, and then the water will flow into the home. Beautiful restructured, revitalized Grander water.

Nothing better. Nothing better at all. Okay. So share that with the plumber. Any questions, surely I can give us a hand, but it's pretty simple. Any good plumber is capable of connecting pipework through these and fixing them onto the house. The big Goldcarb does come with a strap and it straps it onto the house so it can't fall over. So we've been selling these for a couple of years. They're working great. Grander has been around 40 years. Limetron's been around 50 years so you can have confidence in these products that they work. I wouldn't sell them to you if they didn't. And yeah, get them onto the home. Save yourself some money. Enjoy beautiful water in the house, there's nothing better. Thank you.