HPF 10" Single Stage Benchtop Water Filter - Product Spotlight [VIDEO]

Good day folks, Rod Archdall with Water filter to here today. And what we're going to do is have a look at the HPF, the High Performance benchtop water filter range. There are five cartridges there. All of those cartridges will fit into this system.

The system uses good quality Taiwan moulding and parts, and made here in Australia by HPF Australia. They have the watermark certification on them. All the cartridges are NSF certified. So it's a great start there when you're looking for good quality, reasonably priced water filter for your benchtop.

HPF Single Stage Benchtop 2

How to install the Diverter

There's the diverter that connects straight onto the kitchen sink tap. So you just unscrew your aerator. That’ll expose a thread. And then this thread here will screw straight onto your kitchen sink tap, all right. This is a female thread here, and if you require a male connection, then here's an adapter that will screw into a female spout. If there's no spout on there, you do have the old style. That'll just push straight on, do up with a screwdriver. And then that exposes this thread on here, which is a male thread. And then that male thread is going to screw straight into the top of the filter for you. Note that it's always better to connect it with the thread rather than pushing on and doing up with the old hose clip style.

Cartridge Quality

HPF Single Stage Benchtop Cartridges

If you just got dirt in your water, it could be rainwater or something like that. And you just want to take the dirt out of it. Well, there's a sediment cartridge. Maybe you're not using it for drinking water, or I personally, nowadays wouldn't rely on just a sediment cartridge for my drinking water. But if you just want to take the sediment out for some beer making or whatever it might be, then there's a sediment cartridge.It'll go in this system, and it'll take all the lumps and bumps and dirt out of the water for you.

Great tasting and Odourless water

Stepping up is a chlorine taste and odour cartridge. It's a 0.5 micron. It is a suitable cartridge, and it takes the chlorine out of the water. So Western Australia, South Australia, anywhere where you've just got chlorine in your regional water centres, you'll be good to go with this chlorine cartridge in this system.

Removing the heavy metals in your water

Then we move along to the lead reduction.This will take some heavy metals out of the water and reducing heavy metals as well. It is carbon. So it's going to work like our chlorine cartridge and that it'll take the chlorine out of the water and make it tastes a lot better. But it's just got a little bit more going for it.

Removing Chlorine and Chloramine

Be aware if you're in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland. There’s a lot of chloramine being used in those centres nowadays chloramine and mixture of chlorine and ammonia. So if you just got a plain old carbon block cartridge or one of these chlorine cartridges, that's not going to take the chlorine out of the chloramine out of the water, it'll break it down, and releases ammonia. If we're in any East Coast capital cities, we’ll need a chlorine or chloramine removal water filter.

They're a rock-solid little system. They're a benchtop. So they just sit on top of the bench and work away as we like them to do. And these will work in an absolute treat for that. So have a look at the site. Use the dropdown box at the top to select any of the cartridges here that you might want to use in this system. And I don't see you have any worries with these, and you'll be good to go. Thanks very much.