Delivery of your water filter is FREE. The delivery of your water filtration device will depend on the type you purchase. If it is just a small item we can post it in the mail with Australia post. As the parcels get bigger we will then need to use other transport methods. Examples like TNT, Fast ways, Toll, Star track to name the most common transport companies we use across Australia. Please feel free to alert us if you think there is a better courier or service for your water filtration products.

Yes definitely, all our water filtration products are packaged properly in separate boxes ready for the journey to your home, we ship products every day all over Australia and from experience we know exactly what is required for your water filter to arrive safely and undamaged ready for you to set up and use.

That depends totally on where you live. We do everything we can to have your water filter processed and packaged ready for delivery the very same day you order it. But failing that it will be sent the very next day. If you live in a regional Centre allow 3 to 5 business day’s. In a remote rural area, to be honest, it could be up to 7 business day’s, but trust me the quality and taste of your water after your filter arrives will be worth the wait.


Simply select the product and quantities you need then add to your shopping cart. Click View Cart at any time to view or change your order.

There are no tricks here at my water filter, the cost is there on the product and that is it. The only other cost will be in 12 months or so later down the track when you have filtered hundreds if not thousands of liters of water you may need to replace your water filter cartridges.

General Product FAQ's

Yes this is your chance to save money and never buy bottled water again. We have an extensive range of under sink, bench top and portable filters to suit your needs. Filters can produce drinking water of the same or better quality as bottled water depending on which system you choose. Help us save our planet and slow down the littering of plastic water bottles.

Our tap water, while generally safe to drink, may not meet our expectations, particularly as to taste. Our nation's river, catchment and reservoir systems are under dire stress due to drought, climatic changes and alarming levels of salinity. In the absence of national drinking water quality and safety standards, quality varies widely. While the water emanating from the treatment plants generally conforms to applicable quality guidelines, the water then passes through hundreds of kilometers of aging pipes before it reaches the kitchen tap. Enroute to the home there are many factors that may impair the taste, smell, clarity or quality. So we can no longer take our drinking water for granted. Contamination of groundwater can occur through industrial and agricultural chemicals and other environmental waste. The use of chlorine as a disinfectant not only causes a pungent taste and smell, but there is growing concern about the long-term health implications of the by-products, such as trihalomethanes, from this disinfection treatment. Home filtration is no longer an indulgence - today it is a necessity. The products sold by Great Water Filters are the most technologically advanced systems. We want you and your family to have confidence that the water you drink is fresh and safe

Yes the best around I believe. We supply the highest quality water filtration products available.

Yes we only supply the best filters available on the market today.

Oh yes, please don’t change your mind now, the amount of information available today in relation to health and disease from our drinking water is massive. It is becoming more evident every day that the fluoride and chlorine amongst other chemicals either found in or purposely mixed into our water supplies is the major cause of many of the diseases we are contracting today. My water filter will remove all these badies before you fill your glass.

If you don't find the water filter system or filter you require simply contact us as we can make up a system to suit your requirements.

Well strangely enough your water filters can pay for themselves. If you buy only 1 bottle of water each week that will more than cover the price of replacement filters. Our house was using a 24 pack of water every week plus buying bottled water singly at the shops. Add that up and it is over $1,000.00 every year.

The easiest way is to return to the website and click on the accessories tab LHS of page and click on the filter you require. We will send it straight to you.

Specific Product FAQ's

This will depend totally on the type of filter you purchase, the amount of stages the water will flow through before you drink it. Please read the product information on each filter type to ensure it suits your needs.

Yes, we find it hard to believe with all the proven evidence now days our water boards are still able to introduce fluoride into our drinking water systems.

I believe because the authorities do not have a better way to treat massive volumes of water for our ever increasing population. The chlorine in the water does kill the bacteria and most micro organisms. But the chlorine should definitely be filtered and removed prior to you drinking it.

No amount of chlorine is good for you.Let me ask you a question? Would you buy a bottle of water and put some chlorine in it before you drank it? No. I would not either, never, no chlorine is the answer to this question.

A nominal 5 micron water filter can trap 85 percent of particles of five microns and larger in water as it flows through the filter, whereas an absolute 5 micron water filter traps 99.9 percent of particles larger then 5 microns. For most purposes nominal aqua filtration is fine but for high quality water purification an absolute-rated water filter is best for the job.

Sediment filters do just that, they are designed to filter out particles like rust, silt, sand, dirt, clay, and decomposing organic material from water. Sediment water filters do not normally remove chemical contaminants unless they are a combination system or a dual filter.

Ceramic aqua filters are very tight aqua filters whose absolute filtration rating is too tight to allow the passage of, cysts, bacteria or pathogens like cryptosporidium or giardia. Ceramic water filter cartridges purify water by straining out pathogens but they do not remove chemicals (unless accompanied by an additive, like carbon, that does).

A very good combination is to combine a 5 micron sediment filter followed with a 1 micron granular activated carbon filter which removes chlorine, odor, organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals which is followed up with a 0.5 micron high grade granular activated carbon filter that removes cysts, E-coli and other harmful bacteria.This is the same system we use in our Elite Series 1 water filter systems and others.

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