My Water Filter's 10 Confidence Boosting Guarantees when Purchasing your Water Filter from us

Guarantee 1: 30 day correct purchase guarantee

At My Water Filter, we are committed to you investing in the best water filter solution you can. That’s why we guarantee your purchase is the correct decision for you with a 30 day money back purchase guarantee.

At My Water Filter we guarantee to refund the full purchase price of your product if you are not completely satisfied with it, the quality, or even the way your new filter looks. All we ask from you if you are not 100% happy is to Return the system to us within 30 days in a re-sellable condition (unused & free from damage). Please Note - In line with Australian health & safety guidelines unfortunately once water has passed through the water filter system, we can not give you a refund under our 30 day correct purchase guarantee.

Guarantee 2: Credit your purchase on a bigger better product guarantee

We will take away your risk even further. If you receive your new water filter and you do connect it up and try it. Yes - You can test it out.

If within 30 days you are not completely happy with the performance of your water filter you can return the filter back to us and we will credit the full purchase price towards an upgraded water filter of your choice (of equal or greater value).

I know you need to filter your water and I am trying to help you as much as I can. So now there is NO RISK for YOU. You have nothing to lose.

Buy your filter - Try it out - Upgrade if you need to.

Now I can't be any fairer than that folks.

Guarantee 3: Manufacturers Warranty Guarantee

We guarantee your new products are covered by our manufacturers full product warranty.

Then, once you have chosen the right filter for you, you will still have all the cover you need to ensure it performs just as we say it will.

As My Water Filter is the one stop shop for home water filtration, we sell the best brands from the best manufacturers from all over the world. With such an array of different filters at different price ranges from different manufacturers there is different warranty periods for different filters. So now you know we are here to stand by your purchasing decisions, so take a look on the specifications tab of the product your interested in and you will find the manufacturer’s warranty for that product.

We Guarantee it.

Guarantee 4: Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

We guarantee we only sell quality equipment with a long credible history.

Quality products is all we want to know about. We have no time for cheap and nasty inferior systems. Some of our manufacturers have been producing water filtration for over 150 years. If it does not stand the test of time and stand up to our guarantees then it will not be on our website or it will be removed from our website. Simple as that.

Guarantee 5: Our Fixed Price Guarantee

We guarantee 100% unconditionally, there will be no hidden extras. The price on the website at the time you place your order is all you pay guaranteed. No extras, variations or fine print, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Guarantee 6: Our Customer Service Guarantee

We guarantee 100% commitment to you at all times when dealing with My Water Filter you will feel our commitment, respect and dedication to you and your needs. Guaranteed!

Guarantee 7: Our Replacement Reminder Guarantee

We guarantee we will never forget you. We are committed to providing you with the ultimate in water purification and after sales service. Every 12 months a member from our team will contact you to remind you and ensure you receive your new replacement filter cartridges so you and your family continue to stay safe consuming filtered clean healthy water.

Guarantee 8: Our No Nonsense Guarantee

We guarantee we will not continually bombard you with emails, letterbox marketing or any of those painful telephone calls to buy something just when you are about to eat your dinner.

We would love to keep in touch just so you don't forget us and you know where and when to replace your filter cartridges, so from time to time we may just touch base with you with a email. And remember you can always tell us not to email you in any of the emails we send, easy as that. But don't do that as our little emails are a blast.

Guarantee 9: Our Giving Guarantee

We guarantee at the end of every month we will forward your life saving contribution to B1G1 so people in need receive drinking water. It is just another positive gift we love to give and we do it on your behalf with no added cost to you. But you are the giver.

You provide 1 month's access to clean drinking water to people in need so we thank you for that. You will receive your thank you certificate signed by Masami Sato founder of B1G1 the giving organisation very soon after you decide which filter is best for you.

Guarantee 10: Equipment Failure Guarantee

We guarantee we will be there no matter what, if ever, in the unlikely event of equipment failure, we are only a phone call away & we are happy to pay for the call. Our number is 1800 769 300.