"We get up every morning to make sure
that more people get the HUGE benefits
that flow from drinking PURE water"

Our Contact Number

1800 769 300

Our Trading Hours

No Daylight Saving

Monday to Friday

STATE:          WA               NT, SA         NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS
OPEN:         6:00 AM        7:30 AM      8:00 AM

CLOSED:    5:00 PM        6:30 PM       7:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

STATE:          WA              NT, SA         NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS
OPEN:         6:00 AM       7:30 AM       8:00 AM

CLOSED:    2:00 PM        3:30 PM       4:00 PM

During Daylight Saving

Monday to Friday

STATE:          WA             QLD            NT, SA          NSW, VIC, TAS
OPEN:         5:00 AM      7:00 AM      7:30 AM       8:00 AM

CLOSED:    5:00 PM      7:00 PM       7:30 PM       8:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

STATE:         WA             QLD             NT, SA          NSW, VIC, TAS
OPEN:        5:00 AM      7:00 AM       7:30 AM       8:00 AM

CLOSED:   2:00 PM       4:00 PM      4:30 PM        5:00 PM

If you ever need to send or return anything to us, or if you just want to write us a friendly letter you can find us here at:

My Water Filter

Po box 1048


WA 6280

Thank you and create a great day.
Rod Archdall
The Healthy Water Bloke