Have you experienced the harsh effects of chlorine shower water on your hair and skin?

A shower head filter is a simple solution that will fix many hair and skin problems that are created by contaminants such as chlorine in your shower water.

Much like water filters are used to create drinking water, shower filters effectively remove chemicals, chlorine, chloramine and some will even improve the pH level of your shower water.

And the bonus is, most shower filters can be easily installed by anyone in a matter of minutes!


The Problem With Shower Water

The biggest problem with town/city water coming through the shower is the chlorine. 

​​Chlorine can quickly dry out your hair and can also strip away the skin's protective oils, causing it to dry and crack, leading to premature signs of aging.

There are a few types of shower filters to choose from, and they range in what they can do.

Some just neutralise or remove chlorine, and others will treat your water too.

When chlorine enters your hair, it strips away all sebum, leaving your hair dry and susceptible to split ends and flaking.

Other things you may notice:

      • Dry or irritated skin
      • Rashes
      • Dizziness in or when exiting the shower
      • Eye irritation
      • Irritated sinuses or airways due to inhalation of chlorine vapor/gas


Aquasana Premium Shower Filter


The Aquasana Premium Shower Filter contains media that makes a great showering experience and can remove more contaminants from water than most other shower filters.

If you're in Perth, WA, or in Adelaide, chlorine is used to disinfect the water, so you just go with the Standard Aquasanadrop .

If you're on the east coast of Australia, Victoria, Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, chloramine is used to disinfect the water a lot in those cities nowadays.

So, have a look at the Aquasana with the chloramine removal upgrade.

Sprite Pure 7 Stage Hand Held Shower Head Water Filter


The Sprite Pure 7 Stage Hand Held Shower Head is the world’s first hand-held advanced filtration technology built inside an all-in-one shower filter handle.

The Sprite shower filter removes chlorine and enhances the pH of your shower water making hair softer, and skin smoother!

The Sprite is fantastic for anyone who suffers from dry, itchy or flakey skin, dandruff, or other skin irritations.

Vitamin C Shower Filter


The Vitamin Shower Filter contains environmentally friendly, pharmaceutical natural food grade Vitamin C, making it the best and safest way to neutralise chlorine and chloramines from shower water.

This is an ideal way to protect sensitive skin from these harmful chemicals.

We hope this helps you get closer to the best hair skin, and health you have ever had.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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