how to choose the best style of water filter for me

With the amount of chemicals added to our drinking water now day’s home water filtration devices are becoming more of an investment for normal Australians rather than just a special luxury for the rich & famous.

Here at My Water Filter we try to provide quality products that we know have been tried and tested to stand the test of time. We want you to be consuming clean chemical free water everyday with no hassles.

When you have made the decision to invest in your own home water filter we will be happy to help you in anyway we can. There is a large range of filtration styles available today and the list below should help to guide you in the right direction.

Bench Top Filters

This type of filter is fantastic for people who may be renting, uni students, those in small units with a lack of under sink cupboard space. Also singles & couples who may move around a bit. Bench Top water filters work in many different way’s. There is a simple housing with a cartridge inside, there are Reverse Osmosis units, Gravity pottery units or stainless steel gravity units. All filter water contaminants from your water but to a different degree.

Under sink

This style of water filter is probably the most prefered of all. Hidden away under your kitchen sink inside your cupboard so no one even knows it is there. Accompanied by a dedicated tap for filtered water up on the sink where you can fill your glass with fresh filtered water, which is always ready to go any time you need it. As with the bench Top units the under sink systems come in many different styles also. Single stage up to 6 or even 7 stages, the reverse osmosis, with and with out Alkaline the list goes on. It is well worth your time having a quick chat to us when you decide to look for a water filter.

Whole of House

This is where we start to get serious, the main aim with a whole of house water filtration device is to remove the chlorine so you don’t have red eyes, dry hair, dry skin & skin irritations from your water. It also saves you from breathing in the chlorine gas as once the water temperature hits 24 degrees a poisonous gas is created which you cannot avoid once in the shower. Take your time when searching for a whole house water filter as they are not all the same, give us a call on 1800 769 300 if you want some guidance. We have now developed what I call the Greatest Whole House Water Filter in the Country. I promise you it is worth a look.

Shower Filter

Who would have thought we would ever have seen the day when our shower water could be treated right at the point of use for a very reasonable price. With so many small dwellings and apartment buildings around today the shower filter is becoming the next hot item. It is mainly used when it is not possible or not really suitable to install a larger whole of house unit. We stock a range of shower filters, some are classed as the best in the world like the Sprite high output shower filter. Don’t you or your family members keep wasting money on facial creams and products to hide or sooth the pimples and red skin. Invest in a product to help avoid contact with chlorine and save your money.