[VIDEO] How to choose the correct size Limetron Hard Water Conditioner for the best results

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do, is just have a look at the Limetron hard water conditioner, and just have a look at it, so that you can select the best size for your application. Now, the most common one that we use here in Australia, it's called the half inch. And it's unfortunate that it's got a name like half inch, because this is the size that we use on Australian homes. Now, when we send a half inch Limetron for an Australian home to a customer, they come complete with a bush for each end.

So while we might suggest that the internal component is a half inch Limetron, it's compatible with our Australian pipe because it's got two three quarter inch connections on the end of it, and this thing is good to go. It will operate and start to function as soon as one tap's turned on. Three liters a minute, one tap on the kitchen sink turned on, this is working. The water's getting treated. The home and the water pipe system is happy. It'll work right through at its optimum. Up until about 22 liters per minute of water flowing through it. Then as more water is required, the water will still go through the half inch, but it just doesn't work at its optimum, as good as it does between three and 22 liters per minute. But, it is very seldom that you're gonna have more than that flow rate on an Australian home.

So, we've been putting these on in Australian homes now for over two years, and we haven't taken one off. So I just want you to have confidence. These are the cheapest Limetrons. They work the best, and they are the best. Now, just to try and get some confidence, not only to the customer, but to the plumber that comes and installs it, because a lot of times we'll supply the product to the customer. They might get it with a whole house water filter, whatever it is. The plumber comes along. He sees half inch, he says send that back, you need a three quarter. But you don't. As I've said, it's got three quarter connections on each end, and it's good to go.

Now let's just have a look at something. We're gonna do a measurement here, alright? Now, I don't know if you'll be able to see this or not, but what I'm gonna do, is whack that up inside. And if the camera will pick it up, it's 16 millimeter inside diameter. 16 millimeter inside diameter on the Limetron. This is a piece of three quarter copper pipe that we use on all Australian homes. Sure, nowadays we might be using some shark bite or etc., different, more modern styles of pipe, but this is basically it. Three quarter Australian pipe. I put the calipers up inside there, and we do a measurement on that, and we've got 17 millimeters. There is only 1 millimeter of difference, in the difference of size between the half inch Limetron, and our three quarter inch pipe.

So, the myth, the worry, is that this device slows down the water. I promise you it does not. It will not slow down the water. But I've perfectly do understand why someone would say, "Why put a three quarter inch, on a half inch,"- Sorry, "Why put a half inch on a three quarter inch pipe here in Australia?" But this is the go. Normal Australian home, half inch Limetron, three quarter inch ends. They're the cheapest way. They work absolutely amazing. 12 month money back guarantee. 10 year warranty. 15 plus year lifespan. Now, this here, this product here, this is a three quarter inch Limetron. So if somebody has just gotta have three quarter ends on it, it's gotta be a three quarter inch Limetron, we'll sell you this one, no problem. It's probably twice the price.

As you can see, there's a lot more engineering that's gone into this one, than the good value Limetron. But once again, I get this three quarter, and I'll put the calipers inside this thing. It's exactly the same tube. 17 millimeter, or 16 millimeter here, to be exact. 16 millimeter, alright? So the difference between this one, and this one, twice the price, inside exactly the same. This is the go. Now, if it's not for an Australian home, let's say you've got a ball or a pump. If that pump, you start it up, and it starts flowing, and it's pushing out 22 to 25 liters of water, consistent flow rate, and that's a good high flow rate, then perfect, let's go for a three quarter inch Limetron. Let's step up the size and we will use one of these. But you don't want to put a three quarter Limetron on an Australian home, because it's got a much higher flow rate. This does not start to work at its optimum until it has 22 plus liters going through it. And on an Australian home, you gotta have two showers going. It just doesn't happen.

So you don't really want to put a three quarter on an Australian home. The other issue is, with a half inch on an Australian home, your pipes are gonna be clean as anything. All the way through. They'll be no debris in the hot water system. Everything will be Mickey Mouse clean. You use a three quarter on your Australian home, and because the water's not getting treated properly, you might find you'll get a buildup, and you start to get block-ups, and the lime scale starts to form. And over time, the pipes will even start to become restricted. So, three quarter if you've got a flow rate on a pump of 22 plus liters of water, but failing that, just take some confidence. We guarantee it, we back them, that this good old half inch Limetron, three quarter inch ends, one millimeter difference on the inside, between our pipe and the Limetron. And water's not silly.

We don't give water enough credit. The water gets pushed through by the water pressure, but there's tension in water. Water will pull itself through a device as well. And by the time this water goes through the copper pipe to the house, it breaks down to half inch. So throughout the house, you haven't got pipe like this. You've got half inch pipe, much smaller than this, much smaller than this. And then the water's gotta come out of a little washer. So when you crack a tap in the house, for the shower, the sink, the dishwasher, whatever it might be, it's a tiny little gap that opens up between the washer, and the water finds its way through. So, have some confidence in your water. Water's an amazing product. Have some confidence in us with these. We bring them from England. They've been making them for over 50 years. They go to 50 countries. There's been over 400,000 of these things made. So, half inch Limetron. Australian home, you'll be good to go. Thanks very much.

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