Choosing the correct size Limetron Hard Water Conditioner [VIDEO]

In this article, you’ll learn how to select the most suitable size Limetron Hard Water Conditioner for the best results.

The most common Limetron size that we use here in Australia is the half-inch Limetron Whole House Hard Water Conditioner.


While we might suggest that the internal component is a half-inch Limetron, it's compatible with our Australian pipe because it's got two three quarter inch connections on the end of it.

It will operate and start to function as soon as the tap is turned on and processes three litres of water every minute.

The half-inch Limetron will be effective up until 22 litres per minute before becoming less efficient at treating the water. It will continue to process water above that but won’t work at its optimum. However, it’s very uncommon to have a flow rate more than that on an Australian home.

A Word Of Advice If You Use A Plumber

Sometimes, a plumber may suggest a larger sized Limetron than the half-inch when you don’t necessarily need it.

Just remember the Limetron half-inch has ¾ connections on each end, it should be good to go for all Aussie homes.

The ¾ Inch Limetron

The diameter inside the ¾ inch Limetron is the same as the half inch. So if you purchase the ¾ inch, the only difference is that you’re paying more. The ¾ inch has a much higher flow rate and doesn’t start to work at its best until it has a 22L+ going through it.

Most average-sized families are highly unlikely to put that much water through the home at once.

If you use a ¾ inch on an Australian home, there’s a good chance the water won’t be treated adequately and eventually, you may experience a build-up inside your pipes over time.

Our Recommendation

If you live in Australia, use the half-inch Limetron. You cannot go wrong. Your pipes will be super clean, and there’ll be no debris building up in your system. If you decide to use a ¾ inch, you may find that because the water isn’t getting treated properly, you get a build-up and start to experience blockages due to limescale starting to build up. Over time, your pipes may even start to become restricted.

Go with the half-inch Limetron, we guarantee it.

When you choose the correct size Limetron Hard Water Conditioner, the water is treated efficiently, and your home is happy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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