[VIDEO] Doulton Super Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filter Candle for Gravity Urn Water Filters - Product Spotlight

Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna take a look at is the Doulton Ceramic Carbon Cartridge. It's a gravity filter style, so it's a candle that bolts in the top of most gravity filters nowadays, and they are a great cartridge.

What You’re Getting

The ceramic on the outside is fantastic for filtering pathogenic organisms and bugs and bacteria, et cetera, that's why they're really good on rain water. These filters are about five or six millimetres thick in depth. It also shelters, stops and blocks any sediments going through.

Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Candle

Cleaning Process

If block up happens on the outside with sediments and the flow rate slows down to about one liter an hour flow rate, you can get some unused hundred grit sandpaper or a green Scotch-Brite scour pad. Then, scrub them all over and give them a red hot scrub underneath the flowing tap and finally scrub all the outside.

Cleaning Water FIlter Candle

Points to Ponder

Nowadays, many of our capital cities in Australia have moved from chlorine to chloramine. This makes this cartridge more useful in Western Australia because it's going to stop the sediments. This product has a good carbon inside to remove 95 percent of the chlorine. However, it's not touching the chloramine. This Doulton cartridge will not be of good use in the Brisbane, New South Wales, and Victoria since they have a different product in the water. Hence, this product is very recommended for rain water, and many people are using it.

What You Need to Know

This will go into almost any gravity water filter. The main thing with these is just the hole. As long as you've got enough depth in the top tank of your gravity filter, then it’s going to bulge as long as it has the height to it. Good quality gravity filters candles like these, have a 12.5 millimetre shaft on them, so as long as the hole in your top tank is at least 12.5 millimeters, then that'll go in.

If it's not 12.5 millimeters, you could drill it out to this size so it'll go in. It's always good to have a decent cartridge in there. The rubber washer slips over the shaft and goes down through the top of the top tank, and then, the washer comes out from underneath the top tank. The flat of the washer slides on the base of the top tank so you are able to tighten it up nice and tight. When you tighten it up, lock it in the top tank, and there's water in the cartridge, it penetrates through, down through, and drips in the bottom tank.

Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Candle Closeup


Thus, take note of the chloramines nowadays since different users are suited to other things regarding water filtration. These are good for a couple of thousand liters, six to twelve months, depending on how much muck is in the water and how much it's going to slow it down. But a good scrub does bring it back to life and get it going. So have a look at the test results and et cetera and information on the page and give us a call if we can help you in any way. Thank you very much!

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