Doulton Ultracarb Benchtop and Under Sink Water Filter Range - Product Spotlight

Good day folks, Rod Archdall from Water Filter here today, and I'd like to introduce you to our Doulton Ultracarb Range of Water Filters.

The Doulton name has been around for a long, long time, maybe 195 plus years. They've been making Doulton Ultracarb Products in some description. They have a great cartridge which is suitable for rainwater or city water. Nowadays, there have been some changes, and you will see that there's a fair bit of chloramine used nowadays on the East Coast instead of chlorine.

If you're on the East Coast, you might want to start looking at the Ultrapure range instead. If you are on rainwater or in a place like Western Australia that runs on chlorine, you'll be fine if you want to stick with the good old Dalton cartridge you use for many years. On the rainwater, they're great for rainwater.

The bugs and bacteria just can't get through the cartridge. They’ve proven for many years that they're a success at doing that.

Cartridge Performance

The Doulton cartridges come in different sizes. The most popular ones, a ceramic outer shell, a ceramic outer body with carbon and the Doulton Ultracarb, the best of the lot.

Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Candle

We've got carbon on the inside for the chlorine, etc., and there's some heavy metal removal up the centre core. They are award-winning certified housings. Doulton cartridge can go into a single benchtop, single under the sink, no worries at all.

It blocks up and gets a lot of sediment dirt out of the water, which is retained outside the cartridge. You can get that cartridge and scrub it under a flowing kitchen sink tap with some hundred grit sandpaper, et cetera, clean it all up, get it going again.

Cleaning your Cartridge

Then, if you don't want to be scrubbing it, you could step up to something like a Twin, Twin benchtop or Twin under sink. Sediment and Doulton. The Sediment Cartridge is made to remove the sediments out of the water and protect the other cartridges.

Scour Pad Scrubbing Filter

Getting Multi-stage Filters

We have a Fluoride filter with the Doulton, and we also have an alkaliser with the Doulton and under sink systems. If you're going to step up to any other form of twin systems with Doulton, elevate the pH of the water.

Doulton Under Sink Prefilter Sediment Fluoride

Get a triple system under your sink. You can have a sediment removal filter in front of it. If you can take all the lumps and bumps and dirt out before the fluoride and the Dalton, it allows the fluoride cartridge to work at its optimum. You’ll get far better results from it, and it lasts a lot longer without having sediment building up inside.

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