FILTEROO Gravity Fed Stoneware Water Filter with Ceramic/Carbon Cartridge - Installation Instruction


Thank You for trusting us with your Water Filtration needs. Please read and follow the steps below on setting up your Product. If you need any help, contact us.

Before You Start

1. Take 5 mins to ensure you clear any items out of the way to ensure you have a safe, clear area to install the water filter. 

2. Check you have received all the required parts to fully assemble your water filter. Please ensure all parts are complete. If any parts are missing or have been damaged in transit please do not attempt to install this water filter and alert us as soon as possible so we can assist.

Easy Installation Guide

Hello, Andrew here.

In this article, I will show you exactly how to install a Filteroo Gravity Benchtop Water Filter.

The Filteroo is super simple to install and should only take you a few minutes.

Your Filteroo will come in a nice big box, and everything is bubble wrapped to ensure your product arrives safely.

Filteroo Installation Instructions

  1. Open the plastic wrapping on your cartridge and thread the washer onto the thread without touching the cartridge with your hand. Handling the cartridge with the supplied bubble wrap ensures the cartridge isn’t clogged by the oils in your hand. You want to treat your cartridge like an egg - it can crack.
  2. Feed the cartridge into the hole in your bottom tank and screw it up with the nut on the outside until finger tight.
  3. Put the top tank inside the bottom tank.
  4. Fill the top tank and let it flush through your cartridge three times. It should take an hour for all the water to land in your bottom tank.
  5. Once you have flushed it three times, fill the tank once more and put the lid on your Filteroo.


Your Filteroo Water Filter is now creating world-class water and will soon be ready to drink.

What Is The Best Cartridge For A Benchtop Gravity Filter?

We highly recommend using either a Doulton Super Sterasyl or Ultraceram with Fluoride Removal. They create the best water and have the best lab test results we can find.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly customer support team would be delighted to help.

Congratulations and have a great day!

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