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Before You Start

1. Take 5 to ensure you clear any items out of the way to ensure you have a safe, clear area to install the water filter. Ensure there is no trip hazards or anything that can create harm in the area.

2. Check you have received all the required parts to fully assemble your water filter. Please ensure all parts are complete. If any parts are missing or have been damaged in transit please do not attempt to install this water filter and alert us as soon as possible so we can assist.

Easy Installation Guide


Hello, Andrew here and in this video I'm gonna do a quick video on how to install the Filteroo. Filteroo is super simple to install, but I just want to share it with you now so you just make sure you get everything right. So first things first, is when you get the Filteroo, it's gonna come in a nice big box. And you wanna unload or take all the bits and pieces out of the box, and just check them, make sure that they're looking nice and they have no cracks or damage in them. And if there's anything that's a problem at all, just let us know, we'll take your call and look after you, no problems at all. So once you've got them all out on the table like this, it's very simple. So the tap comes already installed, so the first step to installing the Filteroo is just to put the main tank onto the base. Just like that. So, that's how simple it is.

The next step is to install the cartridge. So this here is the top tank, and the top tank is gonna sit inside of the bottom tank. But before we install the top tank, we need to install the cartridge. So I've got both the cartridges here, this is the Ultra Ceram, and here's the Doulton, they install exactly the same way, in this video I'm just gonna install with the Ultra Ceram. It's a fantastic cartridge, I'll just pull it out here right now and show it to you. Comes in a nice box, 'cause this is ceramic, very delicate, so you just wanna treat this like an egg. So hold on one second, I'll just get out of the box. All right, so, it comes in this bubble wrap here, and the reason why it does that is obviously to protect it but the second reason is you wanna use this to install it. You don't really wanna touch this ceramic because you've got oils and stuff in your skin, and that'll block up the pores on the ceramic candle. So, once you have the cartridge in the bubble wrap like this the next step is to put the washer on.

The washer needs to go on to the thread like this so that the washer sits in the top tank. So once you've got the washer on the thread like that, you wanna pick up the top tank, and you wanna put the thread through the hole. And then you just wanna tighten it up on the bottom of the top tank. Goes up really nice and easily, spin it on. You just wanna get it to the point where it's nice and tight by hand. It can't be loose because if any water gets around it, it's not gonna be filtering the water properly. You just gotta get it to the point where it's like "ah, that's just tight enough." Cool. So, this is what it'll look like, just like this.

So, once that's done, the candle is now in the top tank, you put that inside of the bottom tank, just like that, fits beautifully. And the last step to installing the Filteroo is after you put the water in it, so you'll fill up the top tank with water the water will then flow through the top tank into the bottom tank. What I recommend is you just do a couple of flushes, probably about two or three flushes where you fill up the top tank, let the water go through, fill up the top tank, let the water go through, fill up the top tank, let the water go through, and then you can use that water for whatever you want, just put it out in the garden or whatever you wanna do, and then on the fourth time, just fill up the top tank and then you'll be able to drink that water. So, you put the lid on just like this, and your Filteroo, she's done. So, just let us know if you have any questions, or we can help with anything, but the Filteroo is fairly simple, and you won't have any problems with it, but just let us know if you do have any problems and we'll help you out. Have a great day.