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Hello folks, Rod from My Water Filter here and I want to share with you the amazing Grander Blue Water. Grander Blue Water is a natural mineral water with a very limited supply. Each drop of Grander Blue Water has been naturally filtered through mineral rich rocks for 40 to 60 years and then extracted from the Stephanie Spring from a depth of 520 meters in the Austrian Alps. The water source is completely isolated from other environmental influences such as pollution and radioactivity. The water is then revitalized following Johann Grander's natural procedure. Further advancing into a pure, high quality and bacterialogically clean drinking water.

Grander Blue Water is unique in its quality, structure and purity and has been rated as the best tasting water by renowned food critic, Egan Renee at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting in the United Kingdom in 2006. It is used as a concentrate in conjunction with other Grander Water, it will create up to 100 glasses of this extraordinary pure water. The shelf life and preservation of this natural water lasts for at least four years. It is bottled and sealed by Grander in Austria and comes in one liter glass bottles or four bottles in a box. So if you are wanting to try Grander Water from the source, then pick up a bottle of Grander Blue Water Today. Enjoy.