[VIDEO] Grander Pendant - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and we're having a chat from Wayne from Grander and the product that I've got here in front of me at the moment is the Grander Pendant. It brings up an alarming story for me is when the lady, we sold this to an elderly lady, and she been not well for some time and spending all her days on the lounge basically. After she put the pendant on, she rang me up and the phone call was, "Right, what have you done to me?"

Obviously my heart missed a beat and I didn't know what was going on and the story is that she's been sick for ages, she put the pendant on and for three days she hadn't been on the lounge and she was very, very happy and I was happy to hear the story after the start but that's something you're familiar with. - Yes, this is the whole point of Grander that we increase the antenna or the energy of the body strictly because it's in tune with the sun and other energies so when you have it on your body you now become a better antenna of that energy.

As I said previously, Albert Einstein wrote that, "Our bodies, our brains, are receiver-transmitter energy." So when we put the pendant on the body it now becomes a better antenna of that energy. And of course as we drink more water we become a better antenna. So a purer antenna, a stronger antenna. So the pendant is very useful for increasing that energy. - Right, right. So if you're, you know, not knocking elderly people, but spend a bit of time on that planet and things like that, it's this sort of person who could use one of these. - Well, it's important for people that use computers. It's important for anybody. Because we rely on this energy and as we know computers pollute the energy.

So yes, a lot of people, myself included wouldn't go to work without a pendant. - Yeah, right, right. And especially corporate Australia and people who just are coming to work in the dark, working in tall buildings under fluorescent light- - Just gives you that energy. - going home and it just helps in that area. - Absolutely. - Look folks, I just really think it's worth having a look at this product. As I say, some of the stories that we've had come back in the short time we've been supplying to the public is just very overwhelming actually, so take a look at that one, it's an absolute ripper.

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