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Hi Welcome to the Installation Manual Page for the Grander Whole House System - Installation Instruction. Please find below everything you need to know about this product.
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Please ensure the plumber reads this installation instruction before installation.

Grander® Whole House Unit

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Before you start

Things You Will Need:

  • Plumber

  • Thread Tape

  • Copper Compression Fittings

  • Protective Box (Highly recommended)

  • Petroleum Jelly

1. Take some time to clear any items out of the way to ensure you have a safe, clear area to install the GRANDER® Unit. Ensure there are no trip hazards or anything that can create harm in the work area.

2. Unpack and check that you have received your product in good condition. If it has been damaged in transit, please do not attempt to install or assemble the unit. Alert us immediately or as soon as possible, so we can provide the necessary assistance.

Protection for the Unit

How to Ensure your GRANDER® Unit lasts & performs as long as possible

Note: It is ideal to have a protective PVC protective box to serve as protection for the GRANDER® unit so it lasts as long as possible.

1. To install your Grander unit in the PVC protective cover, simply apply thread tape to the appropriate joiner required for the task which will connect onto copper or poly pipes. The pipes can be connected onto the GRANDER® unit in either direction as the water can flow from any side. However, it is ideal to have the label facing out so the unit can be identified and the label can be read easily if required.

2. After complete installation, do not open the valve on the mains yet, fully open an outside tap nearest to the GRANDER® unit, once you have a tap open turn on the mains water supply slowly and flush for 1-2 minutes from the open tap. This will allow any air to bleed out of the pipeline.

3. Check the plumbing for leaks and repair as necessary.

4. Once the installation is complete, apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly all over the outer surface of the GRANDER® unit. This will serve as a protection to keep air and moisture off of the housing. (Repeat annually)

Easy Installation Guide

How the Grander Whole House Unit should be Installed

How to Best Install your Whole House Grander Unit


Assess the location where the unit will be installed. Look for a desirable position where the device can be fixed securely for maximum security & protection from the weather.

It is preferred that the GRANDER® unit is installed securely. Please see Sample Installation Diagrams below for different types of installation setups.

Sample Installation Diagram

Illustration 1

Illustration 2

Illustration 3


Illustration 4

How to Maintain your GRANDER® Unit

Grander Whole House Unit - Ongoing Annual Maintenance


1. If your device has a protective box, remove the cover. Get a clean rag and wipe any dirt or dust par-ticles off the GRANDER® unit.

Image 2


2. Get a good quality petroleum jelly and wipe a thin coating over the entire surface of the GRANDER® unit. This will protect the device from air & moisture and will make it last for as long as possible. Close the lid once done. Repeat the petroleum jelly process annually..

Image 2


Note: It is ideal to have a protective box to serve as an extra protection for the GRANDER® unit.

Well there you have it folks. Thank you for reading our Installation Instruction and if you have any questions or have any feedback for us about this information manual, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@mywaterfilter.com.au, on our live chat or via phone on 1800 769 300.

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