How To Detox Fluoride From The Body

All people have varying levels of exposure to fluoride throughout their early life. For some, fluoride becomes a serious health issue, and for others, they are none the wiser.

Children are most at risk of fluoride toxicity, simply because of their smaller bodies.

If you're wondering how to detox fluoride from the body, there are many natural ways to do so.

These methods will not only keep you healthy and vibrant but also help protect you against further health problems later on.

How To Detox Fluoride From The Body

In a nutshell, it’s important to put a stop to all fluoride exposure and give the body natural nutrients and minerals which assist the detox of fluoride from the body, the body will do the rest.

Stop Consuming Fluoride

As Hippocrates said, “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that made him sick.”

It might be an obvious step, but it is a step not to be missed. If you want to learn how to detox fluoride from the body, the first step is not to be missed.

The fastest way to stop consuming fluoride is by throwing out your fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwash and other fluoridated dental products.

Further to that, make sure your coffee and tea bags are fluoride-free. Make sure your frying pan and cookware is free from PFC (Per-fluorinated compounds), but practically all the Teflon pans contain fluoride.

Drink Fluoride Free Water

Drinking fluoride-free water usually means that you need to remove it from your drinking water using a fluoride removal water filter. These are very effective and affordable, and the health benefits surely compound over time.

A benchtop gravity water filter fitted with an Ultraceram or Fluoride Max removal cartridge will effectively remove up to 97% of fluoride from your drinking water.

Just like with any type of detox, drinking plenty of filtered water is very important as it tends to aid the process of detoxification and helps you to stay hydrated.

Liver Detox

The liver is a vital organ in the body that performs over 500 functions. One of the liver's most important functions is removing waste from the body and unwanted toxins from the blood. It also regulates blood sugar levels, and creates essential nutrients in the body for good health.

Research has shown that fluoride can build up in the liver and is not easily removed once it’s in there.

To detoxify and improve your liver function, you can eat lots of garlic, avocado, turmeric and drink lots of lemon juice.

Other powerful liver detox methods include intermittent fasting, liver supporting supplements such as milk thistle, turmeric, chlorella, and activated charcoal.

Switch to Fluoride Free Dental

Many people worldwide are opting for holistic dentistry these days, also referred to as biological dentistry. A holistic dentist provides alternative solutions to traditional dental procedures like mercury fillings, fluoride treatments and chemical teeth whitening.

Always avoid fluoride dental treatments, as high fluoride levels are absorbed into the body during the treatment.

Consider a fluoride detox diet

A fluoride detox diet would consist of a whole-foods based diet high in antioxidants including meat and veggies, bone broth and herbs such as parsley, coriander and spinach. Make sure your food is organic as much as you can. Intermittent fasting is also a great ally in any detox diet.

Do your research and make sure you talk to a holistic doctor or nutritionist for help.


Exercise is a fantastic way to increase bone density, which helps to reduce fluoride concentration and is generally a great way to remove toxins from the body.

Food and Supplements

Iodine helps eliminate fluoride in the body.

Food sources include; seaweed, veggies, cabbage, chicken eggs, potatoes.

Calcium is one of the most effective supplements to help detox fluoride from the body and assists with the removal of fluoride from the teeth and bones.

Good sources of calcium include seeds, cheese, yogurt, almonds, leafy greens, sardines and salmon.

Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin C will help heal the body from any damage done by fluoride.

Medications that contain fluoride

We have this down at the bottom of the page because it’s important not to skip medication that a doctor has prescribed without talking to the doctor first. So please check with your doctor before removing any vital medication.

Anesthetics, antacids, anti-anxiety, antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungals, antihistamines, statins, chemotherapy, arthritis medications, psychotropics, and steroids are often containing fluoride. Perhaps your doctor would be able to share some fluoride-free alternatives with you.

Potential Benefits of Doing a Detox From Fluoride

Many people have successfully detoxed fluoride from their body and the testimonials are all over the internet.

You may notice improvements in the following areas:

  • Improvement in skin conditions
  • Reduction in headaches
  • Improved cognitive function and brain regulation
  • Improvement in arthritis or bone conditions
  • Improved thyroid function Increased brain and nerve protection for newborns and children
  • Protection from Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • More energy
  • Improved mood and life satisfaction

We highly recommend getting the support of an open-minded doctor during a detox, especially if you want to get the most out of it.