[VIDEO] How to install a shower filter

Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here.

You’re about to discover how easy it is to install a shower filter.

You will need an adjustable wrench and a cloth.

How to Install a Shower Filter

    1. Simply place the cloth over the old shower head fitting near the base and use the wrench to loosen it.
    2. With your hands, continue to unscrew the old shower head (It should only take a few turns).
    3. Remove any old thread tape.
    4. Put some new thread tape on.
    5. Twist on your new shower filter.
    6. Do it up, but not too tight. Just enough to seal it, so water doesn’t leak out.
    7. Put some thread tape over the end coming out of the shower filter.
    8. Twist on your shower head and tighten it up. (Again, not too tight)


Now you’ve successfully installed a shower filter.

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