[VIDEO] How to make your Indoor Grander Products Last - Product Care Video

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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter her today and we're lucky enough to be meeting up with Wayne. Wayne from Grander Australia again today. So, we're gonna have a little chat here for you. And the situation is, how to make the Grander products last indefinitely, basically, okay. So, you don't just wanna buy a product and just throw it into position in your home and forget about it and come back in 20 years later and see what it looks like, okay.

These products, the way that they're made is just amazing. The welding, and just the way the whole things are made, they're just incredibly high quality, okay. So, what we like to do, this one we've got here today is for inside the home, okay. - [Wayne] It's for inside. - Inside. So it could be on a water filter under the sink. It could be - [Wayne] On the shower. - [Rod] On the shower. Yeah. - [Wayne] Things like that. - [Rod] Yep, okay. So anywhere inside the home that you'd be using a Grander, could even be in a different shape or size than this one. But if you're keeping your Grander in your home, there's still, the atmosphere is still attacking it and this is the best way to take care of it, okay. -

Yep, so it's a condensation, and condensation has salt and things like that, so all we do is, we put like a car polish of Vaseline over it, so that the water just runs off it and you won't go back and like you said, a few years time and find rust stains or anything like that. This will keep it perfect. - Beautiful, alright. So I'm just gonna give it a little bit of a wipe on and basically this is us folks, is just a gentle dab and we're just gonna wipe the petroleum jelly on to the device. Alright, try and just let you see what we're doing as we're going. But we just want a little smear on there. So we're keeping the air off and that's the aim of the game here, is just to put a seal over the end. Seal over the entire outside of the product. - [Wayne] Like doing car polishes, nothing more. It's like a car, you know, the beads of water will run off and that's all we're trying to achieve here. We don't need a lot at all.

And you'll probably find that'll stay there for years and years by the way. - Right, so every so often, have a bit of a check of it, got your Grander product there, you want it to last indefinitely, so this us ay? Just give it a quick rub, and I'm doing it right? - Yeah that's it, and that's your maintenance. - [Ron] Yep, and keep polishing it or just give it a rub? - [Wayne] No, just leave a smear over it so that that water - Leave the smears on - That's okay, that's good. - Got it. Cool, cool. Okay. So that's us folks, rag, wipe it in the petroleum jelly, good Coles brand, just wipe it on there and give it a good smear on there and I daresay you could put plenty on there but it's inside the home so that's why you're saying you only need a wipe. - Yeah, you don't want people, you know, like in the shower and things like that, you don't want it getting all over you. - Yep, very good. See how it goes. So that's it folks. Look after your Grander unit, they are the most exceptional product I've ever seen.

They are not cheap so we want to look after them, we want to make them last forever. So as soon as you get it, connect it up, bit of petroleum jelly over it. Every 12 months have another look, give it another wipe and you'll be good to go. - Absolutely. - Beautiful. Thanks very much folks.

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