The world’s number one leakproof, indestructible gravity water filter, with a touch of class.

After years of research, development, product testing and searching for the perfect materials, we are proud to present the latest evolution in Benchtop Gravity Water Filtration. 

The Filteroo Blue makes world-class clean water, setting an entirely new benchmark for the world of filtration. 

The Filteroo Blue is the perfect water filter for those who want to make sure they're drinking clean, pure and healthy water every single day, no matter where they are.  filteroo-blue-water-filter

Thoughtfully Designed For Performance and Durability

While we can’t guarantee your Filteroo Blue will survive a drop from a helicopter hovering 10,000 feet in the air, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did! 

The quality of materials used in making a Filteroo Blue are unlike anything you’ve seen before in a gravity filter: durable yet lightweight with no BPA or other chemicals that can leach into your drinking water! 

The Filteroo Blue features a rock-solid, indestructible, leak-proof design, and comes standard with a fast-flowing tap.

Anyone can assemble the Filteroo Blue in a matter of minutes, and there is never any overflow when filling up. 

The COMPLETE system


Why stop at drinking water? 

We want you to have the whole experience, so we've put together an incredible package for you. 

With every Filteroo Blue, we provide a moulded stand for a pleasant refilling experience, a mineral pad to elevate the pH of the water, a shower filter, and a Filteroo Ceramic Fluoride removal cartridge to remove everything that tears down your health. 

Finally, ditch the bottled water!

We know bottled water is becoming increasingly unpopular, so we’re helping bottled water consumers move with the times and experience fantastic water while saving 100’s, potentially 1000’s of dollars every year.

No more carrying heavy boxes of bottled water from the supermarket anymore; the Filteroo Blue will do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll get crystal clear water too, unlike many bottled water products. 

Get Away With The ROO - and enjoy the same water as always!


Filtering your own tap, bottled, or freshwater with the Filteroo Blue is easy and convenient for use at home, work or on trips. The lightweight, durable design makes it portable and handy so that you can take it anywhere you go!

Filteroo Blue Cartridges

The Filteroo Blue cartridge will improve taste and odour and reduce chlorine, VLCs, lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic, and even fluoride. 

It also removes suspended particles, bacteria and cysts. 

With the help of your mineral pad, your cartridge will remove all of those nasty contaminants and chemicals while still leaving all the healthy minerals in your water for you to drink.

These minerals are necessary for optimal health!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Filteroo Blue is backed by a 12-month guarantee and warranty.

You can feel confident that the Filteroo Blue Gravity water filter is a wise investment, and will continue to provide you with clean, fantastic tasting filtered water for many years to come.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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