Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Filter Product Spotlight

Hello, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and I'd like to introduce you to our best-selling, most affordable, multi-use range of benchtop gravity water filters. They are the 6 Stage and 7 Stage Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filters. They are great for renters, students, homeowners, business owners, anyone who wants a water filter that does not require any connections, as it is a standalone system.

What your Getting

These gravity filters not only take up very little space on your benchtop, but they can create beautiful, clean, filtered, high pH water for you and your family. As you can see here, these benchtop gravity water filters have a top filling tank and a bottom holding tank, a leaden base, a standard tap, a ceramic water filter candle, a multi-stage cartridge, and a pH elevating mineral pad.

Product Variants

They come in two different sizes, a six-stage version that is great for a couple or a small family, or a seven stage version with a larger storage tank when more water is required for more people. What is fantastic about these water filters is that we have helped so many customers solve their water filtration needs with these filters, and at a very low price, anyone can afford.

6 an 7 stage multi use pg elevation benchtop gravity water filters

What’s it good for

It is great for rainwater if you have a water tank, as rainwater has a couple of issues, the first being the bugs that love to live in untreated freshwater. They are stopped via the excellent ceramic dome cartridge in the top tank. The second issue is rainwater is generally acidic unless the rainwater is in a concrete water tank.

pH Elevation

So, as the water flows through the mineral cartridge, the water’s pH level is elevated from around the six pH mark up to around the eight pH mark instantly to ensure you are drinking alkaline water. It is also great for boosting the pH level of normal tap water which is usually flowing from your kitchen sink tap at about the seven to 7.5 pH mark, but after the water flows through the minerals in this water filter, the pH level will be up around the 8.5 pH level.

Upgrade your Cartridge

If you would like to improve this water filter’s performance to create the best water, you can use this affordable system. You can upgrade this water filter to filter through the Ultrapure Ceramic Cartridge, which removes 97% of fluoride and has impressive test results for other unwanted contaminants found in our water supplies nowadays.

Rain Water pH Indicator

Easy Installation

When it arrives at your home, you can install it in minutes, so you can enjoy the incredibly healthy and tasty water that these gravity water filters will provide. They have a good filtration speed, and the candle is tested to have a filter candle replacement life of 2,000 litres, or six to 12 months, depending on usage. And, when you purchase your water filter from My Water Filter, you'll be automatically notified by text when your cartridges need to be replaced, so you don't even need to remember.

Warranty Information

It comes with a 12-month warranty, and if you are drinking bottled water right now, this will pay for itself and save you hundreds of dollars each year. So, if you are looking for an excellent benchtop gravity water filter at a great price, then one of these multi-use pH elevation benchtop gravity filters is for you.

Clean, contaminant-free water for everyone in your home is a beautiful way to live. Enjoy.