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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're going to do is just have a quick look at the good old Australian plumbers tape. This is the most common one that you'll find. Blue and white packet, roll, good solid thread tape inside, okay? It's the one we want to be using and the one that you want to use. You'll see how the thread tapes around, a lot thicker. Gas tape, yellow containers, pink, sometimes the thread tapes pink. When you're doing water filtration, you wanna use plumber's tape for water, okay? Plumber's tape, steel pipe. We're not gas fitters and we haven't got gas connections. We got water filtration here, okay? We don't wanna be using the big thick stuff. I've got no doubt that there's some super plumbers around that can use any sort of thread tape and they know how many rolls to put on with the different sorts and things like that but not everybody's done 20 years in the game and knows exactly what they're doing. What we don't wanna do is get our incoming water pipe into our filter or our outflow filter, pipe, whatever it might be and put 10, 15, 20 wraps of thread tape.

It was just last week we had a customer, the plumber put 13 wraps of thread tape around the water pipe and then he screwed it into the filter. He screwed it in so far eventually he cracked the top of the water filter housing. Unheard of, never ever happens unless people use sealant or something goes wrong. Just last week he put so much thread tape on, screwed it in until it wouldn't go any further with a big crescent and that night when the temperature calmed down and it got cold overnight, bingo. The head gave way and it cracked and started splitting and leaking water out, okay? Good quality plumber's tape. Maybe six wraps is all you're gonna need. I won't suggest that you use more or less on different applications with different thickness threads that you might use and put in and out but 13 wraps is way too many. Let's keep it around six or eight and you should be good to go, okay? Thanks very much.