[VIDEO] The Importance of using plumbers tape specifically for whole house water filters

Plumbers tape or thread seal tape is a flexible tape that is used to seal pipe threads.

We don’t want to be using anything other than the white tape specifically designed for plumbing. I've got no doubt that there are some super plumbers around that can use any sort of thread tape, and they know how many rolls to put on with the different threads, and applications but not everybody's done 20 years in the game and knows exactly what they're doing.

Thread seal tape used in plumbing applications is usually white, but it also comes in various colours which correspond to colour-coded pipelines (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: yellow for natural gas, green for oxygen, etc.)

Simply Go Easy On The Thread Tape.

10, 15, 20 wraps is too many.

Last week we had a customer say that her plumber put 13 wraps of thread tape around the water pipe when he was installing her Whole House Water Filter, and then he screwed it into the filter. He screwed it in so far that he cracked the top of the water filter housing. The head gave way, and it cracked and started splitting and leaking water out.

An event such as this never happens unless people use sealant or something goes wrong.

6-8 wraps is all you need.

Good luck, and feel free contact us if you have any questions. We’d be delighted to help.

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