[VIDEO] Shower Filters Product Spotlight

Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and I'd like to introduce you to our Shower Filter page.

On this page, you will find the best shower filters we've found from all over the world. So you can create the best shower or bath that you can. No matter whether you've got a handheld shower or the old shower arm coming off the wall, you can still create a great showering experience free from chlorine gas and dry, itchy skin and hair.

There are different shower filter types. The Carbon Shower Filters, there's the Vitamin C Shower Filters, and there's Hard Water Conditioners for bore water with a lot of mineral in it.

Aquasana Shower Filters

The Aquasana contains media that makes a great showering experience and can remove as much contamination as possible. The Aquasana's got the best test results and there's also a couple of different styles of Aquasana.

Aquasana Shower Filters

If you're in Perth, Western Australia, or in Adelaide, chlorine is used to disinfect the water, so you just go with the Standard Aquasana. If you're on the east coast of Australia, Victoria, Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, chloramine is used to disinfect the water a lot in those cities nowadays. So, have a look at the Aquasana with the chloramine removal upgrade.

Australia chemicals map

Sprites Shower Filters

Sprite brand

Sprite is a product from the United States of America. This is the Slimline Shower Filter. There's the High Output shower filter with two styles; a Plastic or Chrome Brass. The Sprite Bath Ball, attach the bath ball on the end of the spout where the water flows out.

Vitamin C Shower Filters

Vitamin C neutralises the chlorine, chloramine, etc. And you've got that nice Vitamin C absorbed into your skin.

With the Vitamin C Shower products, there are a couple of options. If it's just the good old Australian arm coming off the wall, there's the Vitamin Shower. It's straight on the wall, and the arm will fit straight onto it.

Installed Vitamin Shower with upgraded cartridge

If you want to get an actual shower head with a Vitamin C cartridge inside, then the Aroma Sense shower is the way to go.

Aroma Sense Shower

Hard Water Shower Conditioner

The Ecosoft Hard Shower Conditioner is excellent if you're showering in bore water. If you've got high mineral or on fresh, untreated bore water, then the hard water shower conditioner's the way to go.

Ecosoft Hard Water Conditioner

Grander Structured Water

We use Grander the most because it restructures the water forever. Get the Grander Shower Unit.

Grander Shower Unit with Text

Have that attached onto your shower, and you'll never have a grander shower. Create the best shower you can.

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