Ultrapure Benchtop and Under Sink with Alkaline Water Filters

Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And I'd like to introduce you to our most popular and affordable range of High and Low Alkaline Water Filters.


Ultrapure Twin Aragon Low Alkaline

The Benchtop and Under Sink Ultrapure Aragon, 10-inch Twin Water Filter with High or Low Alkaline or the Benchtop and Under Sink  upgraded Ultrapure Aragon 10-inch Triple Water Filter with High and Low Alkaline and Sediment Protection.

These water filters are part of our Ultrapure benchtop and Under Sink range and are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to elevate the pH of their water.

The benchtop range is great for renters, students, and home and business owners. And the undersink is great for homeowners, real estate investors, and business owners alike.

What you’re Getting

These water filters create fantastic filtered water and are very affordable and remove up to 97% of the fluoride. These water filter systems are made right here in Australia from gold seal certified and tested USA manufactured BPA-free, high-pressure housings with a housing removal tool and world-class cartridges. The benchtop system comes with a stainless steel tap diverter and high-quality filtration hose to connect to your kitchen tap. And the undersink system comes with a stylish stainless steel faucet and a complete undersink installation kit. These ultrapure water filtration cartridges are industry-leading cartridges, providing the best water and protection for you and your family from the contamination found in their water supply now dies.

Ultrapure Fluoride Aragon Alkaline Cartridges

Cartridge Quality

The Aragon Water Filter Cartridge and Omnipure Fluoride Removal Cartridge are some of the most comprehensively tested cartridges on the market today. They are designed by world-leading manufacturers and laboratory tested. They're constantly innovating to create better filtration cartridges to create clean, fresh, chemical-free water.

The Aragon cartridge not only takes care of chlorine and its by-products, heavy metals, pesticides and more, but also gives the ultimate protection against bugs, bacteria, and viruses and can combat hard water as well. The fluoride removal cartridge removes up to 97% of the fluoride giving you the best fluoride protection we found from a single cartridge anywhere in the world.

Upgrade your Systems

The Alkaline Cartridge has proven to be a top performer in the remineralisation and pH elevation for water filtration today. And suppose you upgrade to include Sediment Protection. In that case, the sediment cartridge is the perfect first line of defence of any good water filter. It will stop your other water filtration cartridges from being blocked up by the silt, sand, and sediment that flows down our incoming water supplies.

Alkaline Aragon Sediment

It has a fantastic flow rate, long lifespan, and it is perfect for town and city fluoride chlorine-treated water. These water filters are impressive systems that will protect you from so many contaminants found in our drinking water now dies.

Easy to Replace Cartridges

Replacing the cartridges in the Ultrapure range is a breeze. Simply remove the housing, empty the chamber of any water, remove the used cartridge, replace it with the new cartridge, and screw the chamber back on, giving it a tight up to seal, and you're done. A job that can be done in minutes.

It is tested to have a cartridge replacement life of 12 months, depending on usage. And if you use bottled water right now, this will pay for itself and save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Get Notified

Get Notified

When you purchase your water filter through My Water Filter, you will automatically be notified by text when your cartridges need to be replaced, so you don't even need to remember. It comes with a standard five and one warranty, five years on the housing and one year on the parts and fittings, So you can feel confident that this durable little water filter will continue to provide you great-tasting filtered water for many years to come.

If you can feel confident that this durable little water filter will continue to provide you great-tasting filtered water for many years to come. So if you're looking for a great water filter at an affordable price, then these Alkaline Ultrapure Aragon water filters are for you. Clean, contaminant-free water for everyone in your home is just a magnificent way to live. Enjoy

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