Ultrapure Ceramic Cartridge Product Spotlight

G'Day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here. Introduce the great little water filtration cartridge. It is the Ultrapure 0.5 Micron Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge made by in England. It is our number one, best-selling water filter cartridge. Once you see the contamination that this water filter can remove and taste the quality of the water that it produces, you will understand why.

As you can see, this cartridge is specifically designed for our Ultrapure range of benchtops and under sink water filters. Manufactured to the standard 9 inches and 10 in x 2.5-inch water filter cartridge size for benchtop and under sink water filter systems, this can be used in any other 9 inches or 10 inches by 2.5-inch water filter system.

Leading Water Filtration of its Class

It is an industry leader in the water filtration class for benchtop and under sink water filters providing the best water and protection from the contaminants found in our water supplies today.

Ultrapure Ceramic Water Filters

With it's unique, high-performance ceramic shell this cartridge is perfect for treated tap water or untreated water, like rainwater from a tank.

Tested by Experts

The Ultrapure 0.5 micron ceramic water filter cartridge is one of the most comprehensively tested water filter cartridges on the market. It is designed by KLT Filtration, tested by EnviroTech Laboratories, and certified by the National Standards Foundation, NSF. They are always innovating to create better filtration cartridges, to create clean, fresh, chemical-free water.

Ultrapure Ceramic Cartridge

Filtration Process

The cartridge filters using its three-stage design. A ceramic outer shell, a special carbon formula core and fluoride removal media throughout the cartridge. The ceramic outer shell is made from diatomaceous earth formed by millions of microscopic silicone shells and compressed to give a 0.5-micron absolute rating. This outer shell is designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenetic bacteria, and cysts.

Ultrapure 0.5 Micron Ceramic 3 stage filtration

The ceramic part, impregnated with silver ions, provides enhanced bacteriostatic and cell sterilising properties which stop bacterial growth. The carbon formula core inside the ceramic casing takes care of the Chlorine, Chloramine, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and more.

Toxic Hazards

Toxic Hazards

The Fluoride removal media uses a selective adsorption process where the Fluoride ions are removed by binding to the media's oxidised surface.

The beauty of this cartridge, apart from the fact that it removes all of those nasty contaminants from the water, is that this cartridge will keep the healthy minerals.

Easy to Maintain

It is also cleanable. So if the sediment in your water is blocking the outer ceramic shell, slowing the flow rate. You simply use a new scourer pad to give it a light clean under flowing kitchen tap water and then your cartridge will perform as good as new. It is suitable to be installed into any nine inch or 10 inch by 2.5 inch benchtop or under sink water filter.

Scour Pad Scrubbing Filter

It is very easy for anybody to replace. Simply unscrew the chamber that holds your cartridge remove the cartridge, replace with the new cartridge, and screw the chamber back on and you're done. A job that can be done in minutes.

Cartridge Replacement

It is tested to have a cartridge replacement life of 3,000 litres or 12 months, depending on usage. It is very easy for anybody to replace. Simply unscrew the chamber that holds your cartridge remove the cartridge, replace with the new cartridge, and screw the chamber back on. This is a job that can be done in minutes.

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The Ultrapure Cartridge is an impressive water filtration cartridge that will protect you in so many ways from the contaminants found in our water supplies today.

If you are looking for clean, contaminant-free water, this ceramic 0.5-micron Ultrapure cartridge is for you. Clean, pure, contaminant free water is just a beautiful thing for the whole family. Enjoy.