How to replace the cartridge in the ULTRAPURE Under Sink Water Filter

Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here.

Today you will see how easy it is to replace the cartridge in your under sink water filter. The process is the same as the Bench Top Water Filter cartridge replacement. The only difference is that the filter is attached to the wall underneath the sink.

Under Sink Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Instructions

      1. Use the cartridge removal tool to loosen the housing on the water filter.
      2. Unscrew the housing from the water filter with your hands.
      3. Lift out the housing from underneath the sink and up to the benchtop. (Note: There will be water inside the housing so be careful not to spill it out)
      4. Take out the old cartridge and throw it in the bin.
      5. Tip out the old water that’s left inside the housing.
      6. Check the O-ring is still intact and rub some olive oil on if it’s dry.
      7. Place the new under sink filter cartridge into the housing and make sure the “This way up” instruction is facing up.
      8. Lift the housing back under the sink and line it up with the water filter and centre it up.
      9. Screw the housing back on, and nip it up tight with the cartridge removal tool.
      10. Run some water through the filter for 20 seconds to give it a flush.

Now you’ve successfully replaced the cartridge in your single stage under sink water filter.

The cartridge in this video is discontinued and is no longer available on If you are looking for a similar water filter cartridge, we recommend the Aragon Water Filter Cartridge.

This water filter has been upgraded to the new and improved Ultrapure Aragon Single Stage Under Sink Water Filter.

The Ultrapure Aragon Single Stage Under Sink Water Filter is part of our Under Sink Collection.