Ultrapure Stainless Steel Gravity Filter Product Spotlight

Hello, Rod for My Water Filter here. Our number one option for a gravity stainless steel benchtop water filter. It is the Ultrapure Stainless Steel Benchtop Gravity Water Filter.

It is great for renters, students, or home and business owners. This gravity water filter not only looks great but requires very little space. This water filter comes with a solid stainless steel top, solid stainless steel bottom. It has a great, strong stand to hold it on, a stylish lid, a good stainless steel tap, and inside is the UltraCeram Candle.

Ultrapure Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter Title

Best Filtration Solution

The Ultrapure filtration gravity candle is an industry leader in the gravity filter class providing the best water and protection for you and your family from the contaminants found in our water supplies nowadays. With this unique high-performance ceramic candle, it is perfect for treated tap water or untreated water like rainwater from a tank.

Ultrapure Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter

Quality and Design

You will be battling to find a more stylish and affordable gravity stainless steel water filter than this and here's why. It has a plastic-free solid, strong stainless steel housing combined with one of the best water filtration cartridges ever made. This is a solid gravity filter. It has a beautiful, smart, and elegant design requires very little space and has a stand so you can fill a glass of water quickly and easily.

Ultrapure Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter Tap

Portability and Convenience

For its compact size, it boasts a nine-litre capacity which is perfect for renters, students, couples, business premises, and travellers. It is also portable and can be taken away with you on your trips, camping trips, weekends away, or extended times heading off the beaten track. It installs in minutes. It has a fantastic one litre per hour filtration speed which can be increased to a maximum of four litres per hour due to its unique design of being able to install four candles.

Tested and Proven

The Ultrapure candle is one of the most comprehensively tested gravity candles on the market.

They are designed by KLT Filtration. The product is tested by EnviroTech Laboratories and certified by the National Standards Foundation, NSF. They are always innovating to create better filtration candles, to create clean, fresh, chemical-free water.

UltraCeram Gravity Candle Tests

The candle is designed so that water passes through three stages within the one filter. A ceramic outer shell, a special carbon formula core, and fluoride remove media throughout the candle to give world-class filtration results. Ceramic outer shell is made from diatomaceous earth formed by millions of microscopic silicone shells compressed to give a 0.5-micron absolute rating.

3 Stages of Filtration

Filtration Performance

This outer shell is designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, and cysts. The ceramic impregnated with silver ions inside the ceramic provides enhanced bacteriostatic and self-sterilizing properties which help stops bacterial growth.

UltraCeram Gravity Candle Closeup

The unique carbon formula inside the ceramic casing takes care of nearly 100% chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more. And the removable fluoride media uses a selective absorption process where the fluoride ions are removed by binding to the media's oxidised surface to a 97.5% removal rate.

Selective Absorption

This is a great gravity stainless steel benchtop water filter that will protect you and your family from so many contaminants found in our water supplies today. Just take a look at these test results to see why.

Water Disinfectants and Contaminants Chart

Heavy Metal Contaminants 1

Heavy Metal Contaminants 2

Herbicide Contaminants

Pesticide Contaminants

Pharmaceutical Drug Contaminants

The beauty of this cartridge apart from the fact that it removes all of those contaminants and chemicals mentioned is that it still leaves the healthy minerals in the water for you and your family to drink.

Easy to Maintain

It is cleanable so if the sediment in your water is blocking the outer ceramic shell, slowing the flow rate, you can simply use a new scouring pad to give it a light clean under flowing kitchen tap water. Then your candle will perform as good as new.

Setting up the Water Filter is Simple

It is very easy for anybody to assemble. When it arrives, you simply place the strong steel stand on the benchtop, insert the washer into the bottom tank, and tighten the second rubber washer and nut inside, then place the bottom tank on top of the stand, or if you don't want to use the stand it can simply sit straight on your benchtop. Take the ceramic candles with the washers around the threads and insert through the holes provided in the top tank then turn the nuts on the underside until tight. Use the black rubber plugs provided to seal the remaining holes you with no candles.

You are now ready to place the top tank on top of the bottom tank. Gently fill with water and replace the lid and your benchtop gravity water filter will be creating beautifully clean fresh contaminant-free water for you and your family. It is tested to have a filter candle replacement life of 2,000 litres or six to 12 months, depending on usage.

Get Notified

When you purchase your water filter from My Water Filter, you will be automatically notified by text when your cartridges need to be replaced. So you don't even need to remember.

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Warranty Information

It comes standard with a five-in-one warranty—five years on the housing, one year on the parts and fittings. So you can feel confident that this durable little water filter will continue to provide great tasting filtered water for many years to come. So if you are looking for a quality stainless steel gravity water filter at an affordable price, this 0.5-micron ceramic gravity water filter is for you.

Creating magnificent clean filtered water for you and your family is just a great way to live. Enjoy!

This product is discontinued and no longer available on MyWaterFilter.com.au. If you are looking for a similar product, we recommend the Phoenix Stainless Steel Gravity Water FilterOr you can click here to check out the rest of our Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filters range.