[VIDEO] ULTRAPURE 0.5 Micron Ceramic Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter - Unboxing & Installation

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we've got here is the stainless steel Ultrapure Gravity Filter. And with that, obviously the main component of that is the part that actually does the filtration process, and that's the Ultrapure candle. So what we're gonna do is just pull it apart, unbox it, give you an idea on how it goes together. So we'll just set the candle over here for a minute. We won't need that for a sec. And we'll have a look basically at what we've got here. So, just looking in the top. This is how it's gonna arrive to you, to your home. And we'll pull him out and have a look now. There's our lid. Here's our top tank.A few parts there in the bottom. One will be the top for the tap. And there's the rubber ring. And the rubber ring goes on the base. Alright, it'll just sit on there, on the bottom. We'll put him on last. Okay. So, lid, top tank, base. There's our plugs and parts there. All nicely wrapped up and secured. Double wrap, travel very nicely. Don't have too many worries. As you see, they all fit inside each other, which makes them nice and compact for delivery. And they do make fantastic water, these filters.

So the first thing we'll do is we'll setup the bottom, and here's our little tap. So basically we'll screw the nut off the back. We'll take off one stainless steel washer. We'll take off the rubber washer. Now notice on this one here today, sometimes you'll actually have to take off both of the washers. And the reason for that is, I have seen these taps, when these washers have got a white plastic cover on them, and you do need to peel them off. It's just a protective coating. But these ones here today don't have that. So, we get the tap and we put one washer on. Then we put a rubber washer on. They are tight. They'll sometimes take a screw. And we just screw the washers on. Give a push at the same time. We push that first rubber washer right up. Next will be the second rubber washer, followed by our stainless steel washer, and the nut. But before we apply those last three, we're actually going to get the bottom tank, insert the tap through, and now we've got to put the parts on the inside, and we're gonna do him up on the inside. Same order as I just mentioned. Rubber washer first. Stainless steel washer.

Followed by our nut. Now the nut, if you have a good look at it, it's got a flat side, and it's got a rounded side. So all we'll do is we'll put the flat side towards the washer. And screw him up, tight as you can get him. Now with these little taps, you can hold the washer, spin the tap, whatever gets it on fastest and the best. But you are going to need to put a tool on the washer on the inside, or the nut on the inside, to tighten it up properly. You can put a spanner on there, and hold it, and you can turn the tap around, while the spanner's holding the nut on the inside, and you'll get it done most of the way up. Get it up nice to 12 o'clock, so it's nice and vertical and in line. Hold it in place. Then put your spanner or your tool on the inside, and just nip it up a little bit. Squash those rubbers up. Make sure we got a good seal, and nothing to leak. Alright. Leave that one there. This is the top tank.

The top tank obviously is gonna sit inside the bottom. So what we'll do is grab the required parts in the bag provided. Now as you can see with this top tank here, it's made so it can take a variety of cartridges at once. If you're at an event, and you need a lot of water in a hurry or something like that, as you can see, there is four holes in the bottom, and you can put four cartridges in. So when you tip the water in the top, you get a faster flow rate. These current candles make it about a liter an hour, so you can put four in if required, and it'll make four liters an hour.

Once you've worked out how many cartridges you'd like to put in your system, keeping in mind that if it's a system at home it's generally only the one cartridge, and that's fine. Then we'll get one of these rubbers. You push it into the hole. All three, really. You can just press them in the hole, from the top. Then what I like to do is just go to the bottom, and just grab it, and just wiggle it around a little bit, just until you can pull them through, until you get a nice seal. Alright, they're a silicone rubber, and you pull them through until they're sealed. Once you're sealed, you're good to go. They're looking good. And obviously in this container here, is our candle. Now the Ultrapure candle's the heart and soul of these things. These are an amazing candle. And they've got four pages of contaminant removal, and they really do make beautiful water. Three simple parts to the candle. While I'm playing with this candle and installing it, you'll notice that I'm gonna be trying everything to not touch the ceramic, okay? So, there's a lot of oil on your hands and your fingers. So whatever you do, grab it on the stem, whatever. Hold onto the bag. Just try not to touch the ceramic part of it, okay? Now, simple simple. One black washer, and one wingnut is gonna screw onto the bottom there. Now what I would do at this point of time, and if you buy a replacement cartridge, to replace this candle when this one's worn out, I would take this candle now to the kitchen sink, turn on the tap, and I'd give it a really, really good flush.

Sometimes they can get a little bit of powder on them from the white ceramic, and you just get that white powder off, get it nice and clean, as good as you can clean it. Once you've done that, and it's nice and clean, yes it'll be wet. We can bring it back in. We've got the nut. We've got the washer. And we're just gonna stick it through the hole now. So basically from the inside out, we're gonna just get the last remaining hole, and put this through. Now what we wanna do, is put the washer on first. The washer needs to seal here around the cartridge. Not on the underneath of the tank. In the top tank, we wanna get a seal around the cartridge, so no water can leak. You don't even want one drip sneaking past here. So we get a good seal here. So we get our cartridge, in through the hole. Out the other side. Then we've got the nut. Nut's nice and smooth on the bottom. It spins very easy on the bottom of the tank, and it's very simple to connect it up, and install the candle.

Make sure that the plastic nut's going on square to the thread. It'll screw up very easy like it just did there with one finger. And we basically tighten it up as tight as you can with your fingers. I wouldn't be using a spanner or anything on it. Really shouldn't require that. As you get to the end and you tighten it up, you'll feel the rubber squashing. You can get the cartridge, and just give the cartridge a little turn at the same time as holding the nut. But basically, that's the inside. Three rubbers sealing the holes today. One Ultrapure candle cartridge ready to go. So, that's the top tank, and that's done. That top tank is gonna sit straight on top of our bottom tank. Simple as that, all done. Here's our lid. Nicely wrapped up. Bit of protection. Pull him out. And here's our parts here. Once again, it's a pretty simple system. Washer on the screw. Screw through the hole. Top's on.

Now you'll be able to see when you see the nut, it does have a little slotted side, and that slotted side is to fit into the slots in the top of the hook that holds the top on the tank. So that's gonna sit in there. Once that sits in there, it will not rotate. It's made to the shape of the top hook, the holder, and that's how it's gonna be. So our washer, and our screw through the hole, and then we're into the thread. Turn the screw a little bit. But once you start turning the screw, you'll just be able to turn this top one. Then I'd hold the top as soon as it comes into contact with the lid, so you're not scratching it. Get a screwdriver. You tighten up the screw on the inside. And she's locked on there, strong as anything. Good to go. Top's on. Tank's on. Push him down firm into the rubber. It'll sit over the edge of the bench. We'll get our water. We'll fill the top tank up with water. And that's basically, at one liter an hour, pure filtration. Collecting the bottom tank. Once the bottom tank's full, don't continue to fill the top tank. On these ones, the tanks are made to be even. You fill the top up, it'll fill in the bottom. If you got to bed overnight time, or you want to make sure it's up to its capacity, you can just lift the side a little bit, and see how much water's being used in the bottom. Apply that amount to the top. It'll all run down. You've got plenty of storage in the bottom ready to go. Stainless steel, Ultrapure candle. Stainless steel tap. Very neat, nice little unit. Thanks very much.