Vitamin Shower Filter Product Spotlight

Hello, Rod from My Water Filter here. Introducing to you to one of the most popular, luxury shower filters on the market today. It is the Universal Vitamin Shower Filter with the Longer Lasting Cartridge. It is great for homeowners, renters and luxury spa and hotel business owners that want to stop the horrible chlorine or delight their customers with the very best in vitamin shower filtration.

This shower filter neutralises 99.99% of chlorine. Stopping the itching and irritation that chlorinated water causes and makes your shower time enjoyable again. As you can see here, this Universal Vitamin Shower Filter comes with a Korean made sleek, chrome headpiece with an attractive see-through housing so you can see when your cartridges need to be replaced. One already installed longer lasting, vitamin C cartridge, an additional longer lasting vitamin C cartridge and a roll of plumber's tape to enjoy a drip-free vitamin shower experience.

Cartridge Benefits

Its unique, longer lasting cartridge is designed for anyone dealing with the horrible chlorine in cities or towns that use chlorinated treated tap water today. You'll be battling to find a better universal, vitamin shower than this. Here's why: the universal vitamin shower filter adds pharmaceutical grade vitamin C into your shower water as it passes through the filter housing neutralising the horrible chlorine. It stops the poisonous chlorine gas while making your shower have a lighter, silky feel to it. Moisturises your hair and skin, allowing you to enjoy an itch-free beautiful shower.

Vitamin Shower Longer Lasting Cartridges

Better Shower Experience

You'll notice an increase in the volume of suds and lather with your body washes and shampoos using the same amount of product, saving you money on your bathroom products. It reduces colour fading while improving the texture of damaged, dry or colour-treated hair. Its universal head allows this shower filter to be installed in any shower filter, anywhere in the country without changing your existing showerhead.

Installed Vitamin Shower with upgraded cartridge

Its unique design ensures no pressure loss so that you can enjoy your everyday shower experience with the beautiful benefits of vitamin C. It has the new and improved, longer lasting cartridge offering up to three months of chlorine-free showers. A month longer than standard vitamin C shower cartridges available in other brands.

Warranty and Customer Support

It comes with the one year manufacturer's warranty and a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your vitamin shower experience, please get in touch, and we will give you your money back.


Suppose you are looking for a great vitamin shower filter at an affordable price. In that case, this universal vitamin shower filter with longer-lasting cartridge is for you Beautiful, chlorine-free, itch and irritation-free showers for everyone your home is just a magnificent way to live. Enjoy.

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