Why Buy A Water Filter if you live in the city?

So why would you buy a water filter?
You have water that flows straight from your household taps whenever you turn the tap on. A new water filter is just another cost to add to your ever-soaring list of deductions that are made from your weekly salary every week.

So why bother?
Well maybe we need to open our minds a little wider and see just why people do go to the trouble of investing in their own home water filtration devices.


The first reason that comes to mind is the amount of money people actually do save by not having to buy bottled water anymore. When you purchase a water filter it is not a cost, it is really an investment that will pay for your cartridges and filter time and time over again and again. If you take something from this message please realize a water filter is an Investment, they last a long time, and they help to keep you healthy.


It has become common knowledge that Australia is a drying continent. We have more people arriving to live in Australia every day. We have countless numbers of new subdivisions and housing lots under development.


We also have a diminishing rainfall. Our dams are lower and the water departments of this country are having a battle to keep up with the ever-growing demand our society has placed upon them. Because of these reasons the entities that take care of our water supplies are under pressure to provide clean healthy water to us.

So what is the outcome from this?
What is happening is the people that deliver your water to you need to come up with new ways of creating water for us to use. When the rain does not fall from the sky in the volumes required to satisfy our demand they have to create new water some how.

The issue is just how they create that water? Take your pick, desalination plants and recycled water. Now I don’t know about you but there is just something about drinking water from the tap that has been recycled that leaves a funny taste in my mouth.


Now they don’t just pump recycled water down our pipelines so don’t get too alarmed just yet. All the recycled water we drink does get treated and then it is disinfected with an array of different chemicals. Then just when you thought all the chemicals were added city locations get a top up of Fluoride, a chemical banned in Europe years ago, but we still have it added to our city water supplies here in Australia today.

That is why I have my own home water filter and have built Australia’s number 1 water filtration specialist’s www.mywaterfilter.com.au

I want to ensure when I have a drink from my kitchen tap it is contaminant free and I will not get sick. Not just from the contaminants from the recycled water but contaminants from Chlorine, Fluoride you name it, chemicals in our drinking water.

I have been asked why don’t I go to the government about this? Well for the water to get to your home it does need to be treated with some type of chemical. If the water is treated with chlorine, even though it smells and tastes terrible, it will be bug free and at least you know that you won’t get sick drinking it from your tap.


Look, without being to direct, this is the deal really; the water arrives at your home at the point of drinking, your kitchen tap. Sometimes we need to be grateful for that, as there is millions of people on this planet who do not have that luxury. That is why with every water filter purchase from My Water Filter we Give 1 month's access to clean drinking water to people in need. See here on our global giving page.


It is at this point that you need to make the decision for your self and for your family...

  • Am I going to risk my health by drinking all the chemicals that are being added to our scheme water system?
  • Am I going to trust that the recycled water has all been treated properly?

Because let me quickly tell you it has happened before and it will happen again that unhealthy water has been delivered through our drinking water systems in this country. Other poisons found in our drinking water are from the old pipes, lead and heavy metals at times.

The fact is you cannot see what you are drinking. Your body is 70% water and you need good quality water to consume in copious amounts every day.

Take an interest in what you are consuming. More and more people are getting serious about the water they drink nowadays. That is why you should buy a water filter if you live in the city.

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