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Grander Revitalised Shower
Grander Revitalised Shower
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Our water requires the STRUCTURE of the water to be repaired. It is the Structure of the water which is more important than the chemical composition for optimum human health.

Yes we do need to filter out as much contamination from the water as we can, BUT then it is vitally important to Structure that water before we consume or use it.

Structured water

  •  - just tastes better - It tastes the best

  •  - contains more available oxygen - for better gut bacteria & health

  •  - hydrates the body better - finer structured water is easier for us to absorb

  •  - cooks food the best - more tender & the taste is deeper

  •  - provides the most luxurious shower & washing water - less detergents

  •  - takes care of the whole house water system - saves money on home appliance repairs & maintenance

  • - allows plants to grow better - gardens thrive on Grander structured water

  •  - animals love structured water - they have a better sense of quality water than a human

  • - everything loves structured water - You will to.  

Click Here to watch this video on how damaged our water has become

How Grander Products Work

Hear how happy these people are with their Grander Structured water experience:

How would you like to experience live, structured water just like these people have:

Customer 1 - Rod

I had been sick in my stomach for many years, then i started to consume Grander Structured water and my life changed for the better. The structured water contains more available oxygen which assisted the good bacteria to thrive inside my gut and turn around the way my body was functioning. Massive health changes inside all the way to how you go to the toilet. I will only ever drink my structured water now days.

Customer 2. G. R. Hill

My health has definitely improved since drinking “Grander Water”, and the fluoridated, chlorinated city water tastes beautiful when energised.

Customer 3. C. Swincer

I used the Penergised water for all my drinking, for cleaning my teeth and washing my face. I started drinking 1.5 to 2 litres a day. After about a week i was far more active & energetic, my circulation improved so much i felt as though the blood was surging through my body & thinking is now so much clearer.

All the good food you eat can not make up for all the bad water you drink -Think about that...

Grander is the permanent solution.

Take a look below to see what is the best way for you to structure your water today?