The 7 Reasons Why you can Trust My Water Filter

We Are The Professionals Looking Out For YOUR Health!

We focus on providing you with the best water solutions for your home and educating you about how vital water is to your health and how it can improve your life.

We are also extending our passion for educating and helping people globally to assist worthy causes to provide clean drinking water for struggling communities worldwide.



To end the global water crisis and make clean water accessible for everyone and by shopping with us you are becoming part of our Water Warrior crew.


7 Reasons Why You Can Trust My Water Filter

#1 Products Are Tested And Certified To Meet Australian Standards

All our products have been tried and tested to ensure they meet quality standards. They are among the most advanced technology in the industry and guarantee you fresh and pure drinking water for you and your family.

"But with our new my water filter the water is so fresh and clean. The horrible chlorine taste and smell are a thing of the past. I am drinking more and more water now every day. I feel fresher and healthier myself already. So many thanks my water filter, much appreciated."

Dave Goddard

"We have used many different types of slow processing water filters over the years but nothing has ever come close to the performance of my new water filter."

Karen Cochrane

#2 Outstanding Customer Experience

You know you are in good hands when the customer service team is passionate about health and water quality. We are 100% behind our products and love helping customers find what suits their needs.

The website is also designed with you in mind. It is intended to be user friendly and easy to navigate so you can easily find what you are after with no hassles.

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#3 Saving You Money

You will be saving money in many areas of your lifestyle when you switch to pure filtered water.

Say goodbye to buying bottled water and trips to the doctors because your body will thank you for drinking clean, chemical-free water!

"Up until now, I have been going shopping, buying a 24 pack of bottled water every week. I am so happy I do not have to pay for any more bottled water or carry the heavy cartons home. We all love to grab a bottle of our own filtered water, clean, cool and fresh straight from our fridge"

Natalie Marlow

#4 We Deliver Value Not Just a Product

We make sure you are well looked after when you shop with My Water Filter, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure you have peace of mind. Our products come with,

Free shipping Insurance 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

#5 Help Centre - Health Education

We are proud to be the go-to-resource company for anything water-related.

You can find out everything you need to know about water for your home, what lurks in your tap water, why clean water is best for your health. All so you can find ways to improve your lifestyle and health.

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#6 By Shopping With Us You Are A Water Warrior

Each time someone purchases from us, we provide clean drinking water to someone in need, thanks to the B1G1 cause.

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#7 Don't Forget Our 10 Guarantees

My Water Filter's has ten confidence-boosting guarantees when purchasing your Water Filter from us. These are ten promises we make to you to ensure your investment is safe with us.

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