We’re about to explore the vast differences between bottled water and filtered water, which one is cheaper and safest for the family.

Nearly 50 schools across NSW, Australia, rely on bottled water due to lack of access to clean drinking water.

But bottled water isn’t a sustainable solution!

Due to the risks associated with bottled water, many families are looking for a more permanent solution that doesn’t involve consuming phthalates and BPA from contaminated plastic bottled water.


Bottled Water Pros and Cons

Bottled water is cheap (in the short term), portable, and convenient. It also provides life-sustaining water to those who have no access to clean drinking water.

Bottled water is also better than no drinking water, but in recent years, microplastic contamination of drinking water has become an increasing global concern.

Bottled water still carries many health risks due to the consumption of microplastics:

      • Metabolic disturbance
      • Neurotoxicity Disruption of endocrine function
      • Interference with natural hormone production which may lead to weight gain and other metabolic disorders.

Lucky, using a water filter is cheaper!


Filtered Water Pros and Cons

As many people know, owning a water filter allows you to create the best water you possibly can from your own tap.

A water filter allows you to remove all the nasty contaminants from your tap water AND save $1000s over time when you’re no longer spending all your money on bottled water every month.

A gravity benchtop water filter is affordable for most families and can create amazing water without electricity. Benchtop water filters can also be attached to your faucet and create an unlimited supply of filtered water, and undersink filtration systems save space on your countertop.

Of all the filtration methods available, Reverse Osmosis Water Filters are the most effective.

Anyone Can Afford It!

Even the most basic benchtop gravity water filter, a Filteroo Blue (only $199), will remove chlorine, dirt and other bacteria that make your water taste like rotten eggs.

The best thing about having your own water filter is that your family is protected.

Water filter owners also report much nicer water at home than many restaurants.

Bottled Water VS Filtered Water Cost?

Our friends at Filteroo did the maths and calculated a yearly saving of $1934.50 for a family of 4 using a Benchtop Gravity Water Filter.

Save $1934 a Year!

Most people never look back when you know you can get a $200 solution to solve your drinking water challenge.

Once every 12 months, the cartridges need to be replaced, and the average cost to replace these cartridges is $80 per year ($170 total if you want to add fluoride removal as well)

No more nasty bore water!

You’ve upgraded your water game big time.

Be sure to check out our collection of Benchtop Gravity, Benchtop Water Filters and Under Sink Water Filters.

If you’ve got any questions you’re most welcome to contact us.

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