[VIDEO] Alkaviva Elita Pure Alkaline Water Filter - Cartridge Replacement Guide

In this article, you’ll see how simple it is to replace the cartridge and battery in the AlkaViva Elita Pure Benchtop Water Filter.

One of the best things about the Elita Pure is that it’s just so easy to change the cartridges.

      1. There are two buttons on either side at the top. Simply press those two buttons together to remove the back cover of the water filter.
      2. Notice the cartridge inside there and the lever underneath. Pull the lever around to the left and take out the cartridge.
      3. Pull the side compartment off and remove the batteries. (note which way they go in)
      4. Put new batteries in and put the cover back on.
      5. Put your new Elita Pure replacement cartridge in, pull the lever and lock the cartridge back in.
      6. Put the back cover back on.
      7. Flush the cartridge for 5 minutes before first use.

Congratulations, the Alkaviva Elita Pure Cartridge replacement is complete.

And you’re done! This system is straightforward to maintain and creates fantastic water.


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