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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what I'd like to introduce you to is the Coldstream ceramic carbon cartridge, okay. Now this really is a fantastic cartridge. It's an all-arounder cartridge. It can be used in a single-stage filter on its own or it can be built into a system, okay. It does have some of the most amazing test results we've ever seen and that's why you can trust it and count on it, okay. Now, with the test results, especially in Australia here nowadays, you're not just removing chlorine from the water. Gone are the days of being able to use just a good carbon block cartridge in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland because, now they're introducing chloramine into the water. So you need a decent cartridge to take care of yourself properly to get that chloramine out of the water and this cartridge will do the chlorine and the chloramine 99.9%, okay? So, it's a biggie, alright. Made by KLT Filtration in Great Britain. It's CTO, so it's carbon, taste, and odor, so any of our chlorinated water, it really does get that horrible taste and smell and odor out, but it goes well beyond that as well, okay. So on the test results on the page, you'll see heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, even pharmaceuticals, and hormones. And it really does bite in and get all of those yucky, nasty contaminants out of the water that we want out nowadays, alright. 10 inches in size is this one. They are available in a nine as well, so it's available for just most common, standard water filters. So even if you've got a single-bench top water filter, this cartridge will go in, okay. They are really good in the sense that on the outside is a ceramic outer casing. So we'll take a look at it and it has a couple of washers in the top. It's well-packed in these tubes, it's how they come. Good installation instructions there and just some do's and don'ts. And then, this is our cartridge, okay. So, like always, I'll be trying not to touch this cartridge with my hands as well, with all that oil in our hands. So I'll put the bag on the cartridge or just hold onto the ends of the cartridge like so, okay. So as you can see, it's just a beautiful lookin' cartridge. We use this in our Ultrapure systems as well because it's such good and the test results are fantastic. It only has a hole in one end, okay. So, if you're putting this cartridge into a bench-top water filter, make sure that the hole goes down because the water penetrates through the side and comes out the hole and it's gonna go down and out. If it's under sink, then it goes this way up. It does say this way up on the cartridge and if you want it under the sink, that's how it goes, this way up. Bench-top will be the other way. So, when we get 'em, we cast our eyes over 'em, make sure they're beautiful looking cartridge, which they are. The ceramic on the outside, that acts as a sediment cartridge as well. That's why these are great to put into a single-stage water filter housing because you've got sediment protection on the outside. If it does block up with sediments, you can simply take the cartridge out, get it over here under the kitchen tap. As I've said, 100 grit sandpaper or a green Scotch-Brite scouring pad. And these are, you know, five or six mils thick, so you can give 'em a red hot scrub, don't worry about anything like that, and just clean 'em off. That'll get the flow rate going again. Once it penetrates through the ceramic, this carbon and other medias inside, and that's what's removing the carbons, the chlorines, the chloramines, tastes, and odors, etcetera. And that will absorb all of that garbage and contamination out of the water for you, okay. Obviously, there's a couple of washers here that come with the cartridge and we install one on the top and one on the bottom here and then, you're good to go. So, I do recommend these cartridges. They are absolute beauties and they come with good test results, so take a look on the page, check 'em out, and if we can help you out in any way, then just give us a call and we'd be delighted to hear from ya. So, good luck, thanks very much.