[VIDEO] Australian Fittings & Connections for Aquasana Water Filters

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G'day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're gonna do is just have a quick look at the Aquasana range of water filters, alright? There's no doubt about it, they're a world renowned brand, NSF certified, very well tested, some of the best, and they're very common here in Australia. We get a question from customers saying, "If we buy an american water filter, is gonna connect here in Australia?" Honest truth, you grab it off Ebay, Amazon, anywhere else, it's not gonna fit. We get people coming to us, "Please help us, we brought an american water filter and we can't connect it up. None of the connections fit." And that is correct because America is just different to Australia, different size connections. Yes, we import Aquasana. We bring them in because they're good quality. We pull the boxes apart, each one individually, when we get them, and we put the appropriate parts into each box to set up the system here for you in Australia. So when you get your Aquasana water filter, you'll be opening it up and there'll be a booklet inside.

When you start going through the booklet, you might see little parts like the little chrome, little brass T-piece, in the booklet here, but this isn't gonna fit. Basically, we've just replaced the part with a good quality Australian one. Here's a good chrome block and a ball valve will screw in the side of it. That's our Australian ball T-piece. There it is. Half inch connection to either side.

In America, not as high pressure as here. They don't use pressure limiting valves to protect the water filters. First thing we do is get one in here in Australia to stop any sudden surges of pressure pushing on the systems. It's pretty simple stuff. It's just that when you get your system, you open up your book, you might say, "Ah, a couple of bits are different." That's why. We make them compatible for Australia. They all fit. If you've got any problems, just give one of the team a call, but it is pretty plain sailing. Feel confident. Use Aquasana. NSF, best testing, good to go. Happy days. Thanks very much.

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