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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what I want to do is just have a quick look at you, with the Inline Cartridge, okay? Now, the little issue that's popping up of late, is some of these cartridges nowadays, they come complete with the ends of 'em, ready to connect a hose straight to. In the old days, there was always a thread in there, so we had to screw a connection in, and then the hose would push into the connection.

But modern technology cartridges are getting more advanced. We don't need the screw-in parts anymore. We can just install the pipes straight into the cartridge.Hence, that's where the problem's lying. So this is how the cartridge will arrive to the customer. And basically, on each end, where the holes are where the water pipes are inserted, there's a protector in there, and it's just to stop any dirt or anything getting in there. And we have to pull these protectors out before we can install the water hose. So this is an RO 4000, it's got three cartridges inside, similar to this. So it's an RO 4000 cartridge customer that will come across this issue. Basically you'll get your cartridge, and customers are trying to fit the cartridge into the end of that white point, white nozzle, whatever it might be, white protector. And now obviously it just doesn't fit.

So the trick is that we depress the collar around it, and we pull that little protector out. It's got a sealed end on it, so there's no way that any dirt can get in there, and it's just inserted in there by the company supplying the Inline Cartridge, so that it keeps any dirt out. So they just push them into each end when they're manufactured, when they come to your house, insert, then push in the collar, pull out the plug, and that will allow the water hose 1.5 centimeters to push straight in.

Once it's in, like normal, you won't pull it out. This is how all of these connections are connected. Depress the collar, pull out the plug, push in the hose 1.5 centimeters. Locked on, good to go, never pull it out. Same with the hose, same when you change all the cartridges inside, depress the collar, pull it out, depress the collar, pull it out, okay? Same as this one. This too is an Inline Cartridge, this is an Alkalizer Cartridge, they're exactly the same. Press the collar, pull out the hose. When this cartridge comes to you, once again, it's gonna have a little plug pushed into each end. Depress the collar, pull out the plug, get your water hose 1.5 centimeters, give it a wiggle, make sure it fits and goes right in, won't come out. Job's right. And that's how you install them. Thank you very much.