How to Install or replace an Inline Water Filter Cartridge [VIDEO]

In this article, you will discover just how simple it is to install an inline Water Filter Cartridge.

When you buy an Inline Water Filter Cartridge, you’ll notice that they come can come with different end connections. This usually handles the angle that the hose inserts. Always make sure you get the right connection. Most of the time, having the hose come directly out of the inline cartridge will work.

Most inline Water Filter Cartridges will come with a protector plug installed into each end where the water hose should go, to prevent dirt from getting into the filter. These need to be removed before inserting a 1.5cm water hose.

How to Install an Inline Water Filter Cartridge.

1. Remove each protector plug from the cartridge by depressing the collar and pulling it out, as shown in the video below.
2. Insert the 1.5cm water hose (notice that it doesn’t pull out until the collar is depressed again)
3. Secure the new cartridge to your system.

As you can see, the only trick is knowing how to take out the protector plugs so you can insert your hose.

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